Sunday, July 18, 2010


Two in the morning and I feel like reflecting on my fashion life. Just lovely! So I was thinking about the 30 day challenge and looking at the latest posts on the fashion blogs I follow; everyone is quitting! Well, I don't think quitting or giving up, the words they use, are right! Because, you guys tried! And that's what's important. You can't tell me you didn't learn something for the challenge. You may have learned that the next time you pack for somewhere, you need to plain outfits ahead or that you need less prints and more things that are solid to be paired with the prints you already have. I'm pretty sue you all lasted at least a week, and most of you got it full on! So you went a week without shopping (when was the last time you did that?) and learned something about your fashioning; that's something! So I don't think you guys gave up, you just found out the challenge didn't work for your lifestyle and had a learning experience along the way.
So thank you Kendi, I'm sure not only from me but from others, for coming up with this challenge. Not only to save us money, but to help us find our true fashion identity. I haven't even done the challenge for a week and I'm already learning so much. Like, I found out I need a few more skirts, some solid tops and some more accessories; because they can completely change an outfit. Though this non-shopping challenge may lead to shopping once it ends, I think we're going to truly start shopping for things we need, not things we want.
I have a feeling I'll be stopping the challenge soon, because with dance, it's really hard to remix my 30 items when I'm getting sweaty everyday and barely have time to do laundry, but  I'm SERIOUSLY trying. I'm gonna do this. Even if I just have to make it no shopping for a couple more weeks, that's something. Well, I'll have to stop that too eventually, because I'm going to need to buy things for next semester at school; including some good shoes! Mine are all falling apart again and have no arch support, probably not the best idea for a dancer. So I'm gonna try and work on all of this I guess. Well, yeah. Now, after writing this, I'm actually tired... Yay! I'm going to head off to bed and dream of some Christian Louboutins and Prada bags. Goodnight everyone! (And good morning to some!)

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