Saturday, July 24, 2010


cardigan- Holister
white top- F21
Leggings- dance store
Flats- H&M
Belt- vintage

So I told myself from the day I heard of the movie Inception that I wasn't going to go see it. Then, everyone started raving about it and I was growing curiouser and curiouser. To get my mind off of it, I planned an outing to go and see The Sorcerer's Apprentice with a friend.
Well, let's just say I ended up seeing Inception. The reason I swore I wouldn't see it is because scary movies aren't my thing and my friends were all telling me how scary it was going to be, so I naturally swayed away from it. The concepts of action movies are really awesome and enticing to me, but I just can't watch them, it freaks me out. 
But my friend wanted to see it so badly, they literally dragged me into the movie theatre. That's how freaked out by it I was. But I got to tell you, I LOVED it! It was incredibly amazing and I suggest to anyone out there who hasn't seen it for whatever reason, to go see it ASAP. 
On the topic of fashion now! I know, forgive me fashion for I have sinned. A fat girl wearing leggings as pants is a no no. Well, leggings as pants PERIOD is a no no. (Unless you're in a Brazillian tour group at Disney World apparently.) But because I'm a dancer, this rule shouldn't count for me, I'm calling these my athletically fashionable clothes.

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