Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So I totally wrote a blog post on here.... But I have no idea what happened to it!

Either way, I'm extremely excited to be here.

Yeah yeah yeah.

Going to see Peter&the Starcatchers tonight. Should be an amazing show, Ridley Pearson isn't one to ever dissapoint!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nothing but heaven <3

Frozen hot chocolate.
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Greetings from New York!

YEP! We are indeed in the Big Apple! We've been here since Saturday and boy has it been nice. So far, we've seen The Addams Family Musical, shopped, toured NYU Tisch (Prospective school of mine) and just rode around on the subway. My face is bright red, my feet are swollen and my tummy is full of Frrrrrozen Hot Chocolate. I'd say we're doing pretty darn well.
We're here til' next Saturday, but we're seeing some family as well. Twill be a lovely time :)
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm sorry I've been abusing my blog lately.

Life has finally caught up with me. Kind of totally lame. My room is a complete mess, I haven't touched Frankenstein and I'm supposed to have it fully read by Wednesday (I've been reading Sparknotes and Cliff's Notes to pass the quizzes we've been having in class) I haven't gone to like any rehearsals for the show I'm stage managing and I'm ensemble in. I have to work against my friends all the time. I have a D in a college physics class. I'm going to die.

But on the positive side, I'm going to New York next week.
And choir tour is the week after that.