Saturday, September 24, 2011


I had my AC on earlier today and I was drinking orange spice tea.
Then the commercial for Home Alone came on.
And I could have sworn it was Christmas already!
Costco seems to think so...
Christmas lights! In September!

It's been a really crazy week full of glasses-wearing and silly tears, but this weekend has been a real' breather. I made an apron, ate some potato salad, finished a book... Good times. 
I think I'm going to spend some time tomorrow catching up on London runway shows, I miss being absorbed in fashion, so I gotta get back!

I was gonna post an outfit post, but the two pictures I have from the week are with me and my incredibly swollen eyes. So, I apologized.

I posted this for my little friend. It made me giggle. I really like the jacket and the dress I have on, even though that dress was too too too TOO itchy.
But it was SO WORTH IT.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Target Travels...

I had adventures in Target today! Got some new mascara (that is as lovely as ever) and drooled over what's left of the Missoni collection. Call me crazy, but I actually do like the patterns. NOT A FOLLOWER. :P
I was ecstatic when I saw that my new mascara matched my nails; I thought it was darling! I'm wearing those Sally Hansen nail effects; which I love! They say they'll last 10 days, but they only last 7. Honestly? Not a set back. Because they last longer than nail polish for me, so I'm a happy camper! Although, the price point isn't very appealing... But maybe that's why they stay on for so long? I'm too afraid they're gonna come off so I'm super careful! 

I am majorly lusting over this collection. Like, seriously, the next time a collection comes out, I'm jumping on it so I don't have the lust effect I'm having right now! Empty wallet effect (ya know, no lunch for a couple of weeks) vs. lust effect... I'd rather feel the first. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just a Moment

I'm ready for a break again! Summer feels like it was SO long ago! My  style has been making me look like a teacher; a student teacher came up to me and asked me if I wanted to walk with her to the meeting and I just started laughing and kind of... ran away. Well, there goes the teacher in me! 
But, here's my weekly picture & outfit update!

{Black Cardigan: Worthington}
{Green tank: Urban Outfitters}
{Multicolored Skirt: daisy fuentes; Kohl's}
{Black suede wedges: Target}

I found this dress at Target last week for $6! It looked weird because it was a size too big, but if it had fit, I so would have gotten it! I wish I had: I've been yearning for something orange lately.
{Clock and Lion blouse: Savers}
{Bell bottoms: DKNY}
{Maroon peep-toe wedges: Famous Footwear}

My friend Diana and I waiting for our Choir Retreat to start. Fun fun fun.

Awesome broccoli at Sprouts. Yay!

Having too much fun with Hipstamatic.

I also wanted to let you guys know I'm participating in Miss Vinyl Ahoy's The Paper Doll Project! It's where we get to dress a person we're paired up with... I'm really excited! Anybody else taking part?

Paper Doll Project

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm home before 5 o'clock... This is different.

I'm feeling quite strange right now, as it's 4:46 PM and I'm home. Usually, as you may have noticed through my complaints of a busy schedule, I'm at school for hours on end, usually until 5:30 at the earliest. But today, I was graced with a break. Most of this week is like that, surprisingly. So, I'm taking the time to write some actually quality blog posts! (All together now... Yay! No more crap filling up my feed!)

So I was catching up on blogs today and found this tutorial on how to make collars on Love Maegan's blog. I really wanna try it out! I've seriously been seeing attachable collars everywhere, so maybe I'll make one. It'd be a cheap, DIY way to jump on the trend and I always appreciate a good DIY!

I composed a set with stuff I'm yearning for for fall... I seriously need that stuff! Definitely looking for a peacoat, boots and my class ring... Should probably get on that!

And the second set is what I'm looking at (essentially) for Homecoming this year! It's in a month, so I definitely have some time, but I really want a black dress and something with Cheetah print!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Follow that trend!

I decided to start a randomly released post on this blog called "Follow that trend!" where I explain trends I've been seeing creep into our local fashion radar in the categories like shoes, bottoms, tops and accessories! I'll be showcasing different ways to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe too; I hope you enjoy! So, here goes nothing!

Follow that trend!

Trend #1-- Ponchos
I have seen these absolutely everywhere. From tribal prints to crotched to knits to polka dots: these ponchos are taking my town by storm.
What I love about them: They're breezy, easy to throw on and a plain poncho can go from day to night and be styled bohemian, modern, rocker, chic... Whatever you want! It's definitely a staple in my closet.
Trend #2-- Florals
This is a duh. Florals are really easy to throw into any outfit; it can be in form of an accessory, a dress, a pair of shorts; anything! Now that it's nearly fall, florals are disappearing, but I couldn't ignoring their long-lived presence!
Trend #3-- Combat Boots
This is a trend I need to get back on. It was my trend last year (the one everyone said would never be popular) and now that mine don't fit, they're back! I love their versatility. As you saw, I had the ability to style one pair three different ways and each look gives off a different vibe. Another plus is that they're so comfortable! I mean who could resist comfort and style in one shoe? Not me!

Haircuts, Animal Prints and laziness... oh my!

{Jean shirt: thrifted}
{Black tank: thrifted}
{Animal print pants: H&M}
{Wedges: Target}
{Zebra bracelet: Down East Basics}

Juice box from being a speller in the Putnam County Spelling Bee at Broadway Palms!

Panda from yesterday..

New hair!

Crazy weekend. Friday night we had a jewelry show, which I'll be posting about soon. Saturday we had a 4 hour car wash, then I went and worked on drama costuming and that night I hung out at my friend's house while a ridiculous storm pounded all around us and my friend's car got egged, and we caught them in the act and ended up chasing them for their license plate... It was interesting.

Today was September 11th. I'm not going to get all hyper-emotional, so all I'm saying is "never forget" ,rest in peace to all who lost their lives and that those who lost people close to them; you're in my thoughts.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Closewst thing to the real FNO? ... Scottsdale Fashion Square's FNO!

Headed out to Scottsdale tonight for FNO and quite excited. I didn't think I'd be able to go because of my Thursday vocal class, but it was cancelled, so now I get to go! I'm gonna be on the lookout for a few basics I've been meaning to get...

Dani's Dream FNO Shopping List
1. Silk blouse
2. pleated skirt (knee or maxi)
3. chambray shirt
4. ways to color block (I actually like this trend)
5. A bright pair of jeans (I need to try this out with a soft blouse; I have ideas.)
6. A pair of riding boots or combat boots
7. new oxfords
8. Always- jeans.

I will seriously have laser vision through store walls regarding these items; I'm on a serious hunt here!

{People magazine}

I saw this while I was sitting under the dryer at the salon (YAY NEW HAIR) and actually really loved these looks! Do you see where the bright pants idea comes in? And those middle shoes are awesome.

Oh! And I kind of got dressed today, so I should probably talk about that now...

{Top: Ella Moss from the FIDM Scholarship Store}
{Belt: Vintage}
{Elephant necklace: Vintage}
{Jeans: Skinnies from gap}
{Bracelets: Years of collecting}
{Shoes: TOMS}

Pardon my lovely choice of footwear today. I had to run around school like a crazy girl and it was pretty interesting, but now I'm in my happy, strappy black wedges. Yay!

Well, I'm off to shove some dinner in me and go party til I drop and I should have an update tomorrow!

If anyone else is going to actual FNO, or another FNO, I hope you have fun!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I told you I'd find time.

It's crazy how much I've realized in the last couple of hours. I've realized how I need to learn how to make time for myself, that drama is slowly taking over my life and is about to swallow me whole and that my room is incredibly unorganized and needs to be whipped into shape. 
But I've also realized how ready I am to move on past high school and for once, I actually know where I'm going. I'm going to be optimistic. When people ask what I'm doing with my life, I can firmly and proudly say, "Well, I'm going to college in New York for a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications... Then we'll see where the wind takes me."
Honestly? Some people have laughed in my face. But you know what? I don't care if they, knowing nothing about me, assume I'm this pink-loving happy, go-lucky fashion-obsessed teenager who's gonna crash and burn under pressure, because that's not who I am. I've been taking honors courses my whole life; I won competitions in fourth grade over high school students; I've been actively involved in clubs and sports; I spend more time at school than at home; I was a choir vice president for two years and am currently a co-president for theatre club with lots of responsibilities; I follow fashion blogs and runway shows; I write 3 different blogs; I love styling; I'm an absolute perfectionist; I'm hard-working; I love fashion, music, photography and traveling more than anything in the world; and you know what? 
I'm not even that fond of the color pink.
So, the next time they call me stereotypical, I'm just going to yawn and move on, be the bigger person; because I am. 
I'm trying really hard right now to get into FIT and I'm really excited about that. I could explain to you all the reasons it's so perfect for me but I'm especially excited because it's located in New York, it has the perfect major for me, I'll have opportunities for internships and they have a dance team; is that not insanely awesome?

Today didn't start out very well, I nearly tripped walking down a hill in wedges, got laughed at for doing so, and when returning and choosing to go up the stairs, got clapped at. I was not a happy camper. I haven't really been made fun of recently, but that's because I sheltered myself; now I realize why I hid in the drama room sophomore year, but now that I'm venturing out, I see that the world (or my school, rather) is very... diverse? I suppose I should get used to that or the subway isn't going to be a very welcome place for a little, innocent redhead.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate you, my readers, if there are any of you out there. Your comments seriously brighten my day, it's great to know someone is there for me.
Thank You.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Don't forget to enter the RJoaz Gallery contest for a pair of beautiful earrings; the giveaway ends Friday! 


So I haven't actually gotten dressed in the past few days.
I take that back, I got dressed once to go to a tie dying party which resulted in mass chaos and this picture:

We obviously weren't having a very good time....

The rest of the weekend was spent staying up late lurking on fashion blogs like College Fashion and dash dot dotty, then sleeping in til' 3 in the afternoon just to repeat the process. Oh! And I also sent in part of my application for FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology); hurrah! 
In a few hours, I suppose I'll be off to bed to get a good start to go back to school! The long weekend has felt so short and I can't believe it's already time to get back to school! Well, I guess I should go take care of that. Hopefully I have time to post something tomorrow cause' I'm in quite a write-y mood lately. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

RJoaz Gallery Giveaway! Ends Friday the 9th!

Hey guys! I’m running a contest sponsored by RJoaz Gallery where you can enter to win a pair of these earrings, an exclusive product made just for you!

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the steampunk necklace was my favorite!
I tweeted about your contest!
So yeah, let's get this giveaway on the road! It ends on Friday September 9th at 11:59 PM!
Good luck guys!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Stress. Stress. Stress.

You know, with the amount of time I spend talking about stress on my blog, you think it'd be a "stress" blog and not a "fashion" blog... But yet, it is.


You will hear from me soon! But for now I'm working from a school computer and I should probably start on some actual homework, so... Yeah. Goodbye!