Thursday, July 15, 2010


top:ABStudio//skirt:CharlotteRusse//leggings:Xhilleration//flats:H&M//key necklace:Tiffany//silver hoops: ?

See? I promised you guys that I'd have a post today! I really like this outfit, I think I'm gonna use it for a photo shoot with my friend this Saturday; I like stripes and flowers together!
My foot is doing better, but I get to find out what's wrong with it Monday, I'm so nervous! I want to be able to dance as soon as possible, so hopefully it's nothing too big. For now, I'm just limping around and occasionally using crutches; it doesn't hurt unless I'm constantly on it, so it's all good.
I hope everyone doing the challenge is having good luck! Hopefully not getting any fashion block! I've been looking at all of your blogs (I try to follow everyone on Kendi's list) and all of your outfits are FANTASTIC! I cannot believe the talent on here! You guys are incredibly amazing, I love you all!!

Sidenote: WOW. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing how dirty my computer screen is! Eek. I need to clean it.

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