Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just because I'm in Theatre doesn't mean I enjoy doing projects on Macbeth.

I have an excuse for not writing for 3 weeks! I really do! Lately I've been up to a lot in the theatre department! Two weeks ago we just finished up an original musical we've been writing and working on for a year; it was performed by us and it's over! I was an understudy for the lead (I got a night!) and in ensemble. It was one of the most eye-opening experiences I've ever had. Show choir and caroling has also been taking over my life... For show choir we're singing "Hot Chocolate" from The Polar Express and songs from How The Grinch Stole Christmas  it's going to be AWESOME. I'm very excited. And with it being the season to be jolly, it's time to start caroling! I'm in a group of about 16 High-School kids and we're caroling all over our area almost everyday this entire month! It's really fun, but quite cold!
Now, you're probably wondering about the nature of my title. I'm refering to my plentiful mound of school work. Right now in English we're reading Macbeth and due tomorrow I have a nine entry character journal that I haven't started and an analytical essay due on the 3rd assigned on Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving Break! Right? Another fun thing we're doing is studying kabuki in theatre. It is honestly not very fun. We have the option of writing a 6-9 page essay, creating a dance with full kabuki makeup, a mask and an explanation for it or an analytical book of masks. I'm not excited about this whatsoever.

But I am excited because we're almost to Christmas Break! My father and I are going to Disneyland, because my birthday is on Christmas and I'm turning sixteen. YAY! I'm also getting a DSLR camera, which I'm super-excited about, because a passion of mine is photography.
But with the Christmas season not only is apple pie, ham, presents, family, friends and love included... Winter formal is coming up! I was considering not going, but the theme is amazing; it's Yule Ball.
What is Yule Ball you may ask?

It's only the huge winter ball in Harry Potter. Although our school may not have the magic or the budget to come up with a carbon copy; I'm still incredibly excited. My friends and I are playing Muggle Quidditch as a day activity after we carol in the morning; I anticipate it will be quite fun! Though, I do need to find a dress in less than two weeks and I cannot start looking until next Sunday! I'm quite nervous about finding one as I'm going to have to start looking as soon as the stores open to the moment they close!

If looking fails, I have a beautiful cream dress with blue flowers on it that should fair quite nicely. I'll just have to buy a shrug and some new shoes to go with it. I've just worn it so many times before it's getting somewhat old.

Enough of my rambling, I've got to go finish that Macbeth journal. I am now Lady Macbeth!

Pit pit cheerio!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today I had an epiphany.

I found my style again.

For the past month or two I haven't been blogging because life was catching up to me and pulling me, clawing the sand, back into the sea of confusion.
This is the first time in a month I've worn a skirt, which is my usual bottom.
But after last night, when I felt pretty to be showing my legs and pretty in general; well, just cute in general, I decided I should start trying again. So last night at 2:40 AM, I texted my dad and asked him to pick me up for church. It was time I started making time for what I wanted and less time people-pleasing. So, I got up this morning right at the time my alarm was set to go off, hopped out of bed and did my make up. Sparkles for eyeshadow, brown eyeliner and a hint of mascara. Of course foundation and for the first time in a long time; blush. I even put some lipstick on.Then I curled/volumized my hair a little, shushed it, and got dressed. I picked out a skirt I hadn't worn yet from UO, a Lush slouchy black pocket tee and my favorite Kersh cardi. Once I put the outfit on, I looked at my finished product and smiled. I felt pretty. So, I'm going to document that right now, I feel beautiful.