Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I cannot wait for this to be my window view tomorrow.
I decided to escape for a little and head down to Mexico for a couple of days.
To sun bathe, relax, read, have fun, drink pina coladas left and right... Yep. I am pretty pumped.
My bestie might be coming with me, so I have that to look forward to too! 

So, I will be posting from Mexico the next time you hear from me! I hope everyones' Christmas went swimmingly. Love you all!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tulips lives in her bed...

Wowie! Word from the now wise? Don't have a party the night before Christmas Eve unless you can live on coffee and advil. It was a fabulous party, but it's been so long since I've had one that this one felt like a marathon with the ringleader couch potato; me!

So, my plans for today aren't excesss, or any at all, for that matter. Hopefully I'll at least get to see my friends for an hour or so and get some packing done. I go to my dad's house at noon tomorrow, so I've got to pack today! I decided it'd be fun to pack my fashion-forward stuff and try to whip something I've never worn before up everyday so that should at least keep things interesting!

Time for my picture reel!
My cousins got me this adorable Hello Kitty watch! 

I have been lusting over this wreath for months.

The Hunger Games is one of the best series I've ever read; hands down. I'm on Mockingjay right now, which is sadly the last book in the trilogy! Has anyone else read the series? If you haven't, I definitely suggest it.

My friend's gift that I wrapped; basically embodies who she is! And it reminds me of Kandee Johnson!

My friends....

First real, live Christmas tree.

Picture gone right!

Outfit... At the end of the night!
{Lace top: F21}
{Dress: H&M}
{Micro-Fishnets: Urban Outfitters}
{Pumps: Thrifted}

Our tree with my favorite ornaments! The peacock is from Germany and the Mickey is from when I went to Disneyland last Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tulips' Wishes.

It is sincerely hard to blog about fashion when you're in such an unfashionable city.
When you have all these great looks just sitting in your closet, but nowhere to wear them. And when you do, you get the up-down left and right. You could have everything in the world, but without confidence, it's nothing.
Anyway, I'm bursting at the seams to get out of this glass-ceiling town of Mesa. I've loved the experiences I've had here, but my time here is done. I only have one semester of high school left. Then I can leave. If not to college, then the Peace Corps. I'm going to make a difference for myself and others; I'm determined.
I'm also determined to start wearing what I like, so hopefully we'll see some more pictures on here!

New year, new me.
I've never been so sure of anything in my life.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tulips thanks goodness it's Friday.

Do you understand just how happy I am that it's Friday? I've been caroling and had two concerts this week; things have been quite crazy! It's been a good week, but I'm glad it's over.
There's this Italian place right around the corner from my dad's house and I've always wanted to try it out; on Wednesday I finally did!
It may have been the best Italian I've ever had. Even versus Italy. I had a cannoli that was AMAZING. You have no idea how much I want one again. Permanent crave.
Another thing I'm craving?
A holiday dress.
I have a few Christmas Parties coming up soon and a masquerade in January; I need a couple new looks! It's really hard to work with one dress when you're seeing the same general group of people every time. But maybe I'll make it a challenge? Redressing the same LBD maybe? We'll see!
I'm learning how to arrange my time so I can fit in blogging, caroling, Hamlet, schoolwork, college apps... Everything. Into a day; it's working pretty well!
I should have some photos after this weekend. And I should probably get the pictures on my Canon uploaded soon; I'll be having a mini scrapbook field day!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love all, Trust a Few, Do Wrong to None.

{Blazer: Vintage}
{Shakespeare Top: F21}
{Jeans: Source of Wisdom}
{Boots: Dr Martens}

{Top: Vintage}
{Scarf: H&M}
{Jeggings: Merona}
{Boots: Dr Martens}

 New OPI polishes; super cute! I love far left "Tickle Me France-y"; it's adorable on.

 New stuff from Ulta; I'm especially digging this lipstick.

Fabulous gingerbread... So delish!

What I wore monday! Made a jean vest out of a crappy jacket, came out with this!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have been caroling like a MANIAC lately! Too busy to blog, but never too busy to dress well! ;)

{Jacket: Brooklyn Industries}
{Royal blue tank: H&M}
{Black maxi-skirt: H&M}
{Desert booties: Target}
{Necklace: My creative, 5 y.o. self}

Bohemian look... I'm really good at throwing things together in a pinch.

These sock monkies are too adorable, how can you resist them? They even had a pirate one which took some serious self control to keep me from buying.

Do you see the dime I caught?! Got a free taco for my friend, Cason!
Cost me a dollar trying, but it all goes towards charity, so worth it! ;)

I've been trying really hard to at least get pictures of my everyday looks; my style is really evolving and it's interesting to see the changes! We're in the process of moving right now, so I'm working out of a small suitcase of clothes and goodwill, so we'll see what comes of that!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Concrete Jungle!

Wonder where I've been? Life has been utterly crazy. Like, a show here, a performance there, a board meeting here, a trip to New York there--
Wait, what? New York, you say?
Yes, I'm in New York!
It is quite lovely here, despite the fact that it's freezing and I neglected packing long sleeve shirts or more than one pair of pants... Smart, huh? For someone who is so fashion-oriented you'd think I'd be right on top of that, but I wasn't. I suppose I'll learn eventually! 
So, what have I been up to? Well, we took a red eye flight from Sky Harbor Tuesday and hit the ground running once we got to the city! We went over to FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology), a school that I'm considering attending, and checked it out with a tour; it sounds quite lovely!
After that, we tried to get some discounted tickets for a show on broadway, but the line was way too long; we knew we weren't getting in, so we decided to just go by the theatre for the musical The Book of Mormon and we found out that there's this thing called the cancelation line where you can wait until someone, well, cancels and you can buy their tickets! We decided to do it because we're probably not going to be here again while it's still showing and it's going to still be sold out even if we are, so we might as well hit it up now!

Three. Hours. Later. 
You should've seen me; I was being obnoxious.
So, Book of  Mormon!
{Eugene O'Neill Theatre}

{Excited and wearing a skirt; freezed my absolute butt off!}
{The show itself was quite lovely and if you like Family Guy style humor, I'd see it if you have the chance! Not only is it hilarious, the music is pretty good, too! It is crude humor though, be forewarned!}

Then came Thursday, Thanksgiving! I got to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in person which was absolutely awesome!

I'll post more pictures and more about the trip later, but this is all for now!

If you want updates about what I'm doing, follow me on twitter @tulipstokissyou !

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Living in Cardigans.

I don't think this is good.
Since school started in August, I have literally been living in a uniform of cardigans with skinnies and boots. It's gotten so bad that the bottoms of my favorite pair of boots are nearly torn off of the shoes. Oops. But since I've been wearing my sweaters like crazy, jewelry has been on my mind and I've gotten a ton of new stuff. So, at least I'll be able to mix things up a bit!

I can't believe Halloween is tomorrow. I think I've changed my mind like ten times on what I'm going to be; procrastinating+unsureness do not mix well!
Things I've considered being for Halloween...
1. Ladybug
2. Strawberry Shortcake
3. Pan Am Stewardess (If I could find something to work as a costume, this'd be it.)
4. A Hipster. (Then I realized that dressing like one meant wearing what I essentially wear everyday.)
5. A Skunk
6. A Bird
7. A gypsy
8. A Pirate
8. Snow White (Only because I have the costume)
9. The old guy in the Pixar cartoon playing Chess
10. A 40's girl

I have small parts of every costume, but nothing fully ideal. I'll probably make some Polyvore sets of ideas and decide what to wear right before I go out!

I just got done doing "Almost, Maine" at school; that's why I've been MIA. It was an amazing show. It was great to work with so many talented actors; I loved the experience I had. Hopefully, I'll get a video or some pictures up soon; it's an interesting show!

Well, I'll be posting soon (hopefully), so until then!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New pants! :D

Today I got a pair of corduroy skinnies from GAP. And they are beautiful. I'm afraid to wear them, because they have an odd fit, but the burgundy color (sold out online) is just gorgeous. They're these.

I also saw The Lion King in 3D and it was quite adorable. I miss that movie so much!

I'm off to finish watching No Reservations (Isn't it an adorable movie?) and figure out what I'm wearing for this week!

Until tomorrow..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Major obsession.

I am so loving all these studs... I mean, is there anything that you can't put them on?! I'm not thinking so. I think I'm gonna DIY a pair of shoes soon for homecoming. Studs and some more hardware! And as soon as I can make it over to savers, I think I'm gonna try and stud up a few collars.

Has anyone else been salivating over all these studs lately?

Fall Break.

I just wrapped my head around the fact that this was fall break.  My last fall break, actually, of high school. Wow. What a thought. The last month has had a lot of "lasts"... My last fall choir concert, last fall break, last September... It's just all so weird!

But this Fall Break treated me decently. Didn't leave the house much until Wednesday, but from then on I had a pretty good time.

Sorry this post is gonna be pretty short. I don't feel very well and all I've been doing is watching movies all day. So, not the most energetic, but I'll figure something out soon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


{via: Maggie Made}

I bought this beautiful piece from Maggie Made on etsy. I love her stuff! I'm newly obsessed with the whole ear cuff thing; it's so unique!

I've also really been lusting over these boots.
I need a wedged, hiker style boot BADLY. Needing to get out of my motorcycle boots and sky-high wedges that hurt like the dickens.

I also really want a cute saddle bag. They're on sale at Target right now and I am SO tempted.

I'm also tempted to dye a streak of my hair teal. It's gonna happen, I just don't know when.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I wonder if there's a word like "ramble" but with pictures instead of talking...? Like, "shutterbugging"? 
We had a choir concert on Tuesday that was pretty lovely, especially when a girl's skirt fell off... That was just awesome. 
This week I've:
1. Gone to Ross three times
2. Bought 3 potential dresses for homecoming (that I might not even be attending)
3. Tried on at least 23 dresses for said event.
4. Found out I'm free this entire week.
5. Won like six medium fries from McDonald's Monopoly.
6. Started reading Pride and Prejudice
7. Read my friend's novel to find out I had the wrong copy.
8. Cleaned my living room (3 times)
9. Broke a pair of pants. (Don't ask.)
10. Sang my little heart out. A lot. So much that my current voice sounds sillier than a singing baboon.
11. Had my first pumpkin spice latte this year <3
Oh, and slept... But that was only at times in the past 24 hours that that was done.

So I found this dress at TJ Maxx and was INCREDIBLY surprised. You know what it is? D&G. For $100. I seriously love frocks like this, like how adorable is it?! 

Ate at the ever-so delicious Bucca Di Beppo on Wednesday. 
Try the cheesecake; seriously, it's delicious!

This is me being amused/annoyed. I just saw a girl with a one-side shorty short and other side pant pair of jeans an was going to take a picture but she sat down too quickly and I had to act like I was doing something else... Hence this picture!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lost in a dream...

I don't know which way to goooooooooooo.
Obviously, choir has been taking over my life.
And theatre. 
At least it's fun!
I spent all day Saturday in Scottsdale, an awesome day ending with a concert by one of my favorite bands: This Century and delicious tamales from Sprouts! T'was great! I got a cardigan from J. Crew, free undies from Victoria's Secret, a free cupcake from sprinkles and the best tea I've had in my life from Teavana. It was definitely an epic day. Our fall break is coming up and I'm hoping I can make it out to California to visit my friend Chelsea. I miss her and Disneyland, so that trip kind of needs to happen! It'd be my first time flying alone, which I am geekily excited about. I just love flying and flying by myself seems quite peaceful. So, hopefully I can get things out of my mind and go! 
Now for my pictures of the week!

One of my good friends Diana and me at CGCC for a choir festival! We're pretty awesome (while my bangs are not).

Have I ever mentioned that I love taking pictures of busses?

Yeah, I still don't think that's a cemented idea, so I've gotta post another, of course.

I like the coloring too much to not post this.

I want to say that this was on Thursday? This is my "I'm lazy" top.

I felt like I was gardening.

I want a cape so badly. Does anyone know if they actually keep you warm?

It was my friend Alyssa's birthday this weekend, so happy birthday to her! :)

Saturday's outfit. The broken, rescued and still not fixed dress that I got for a penny.

My free Diamondbacks cupcake that was incredibly delicious.

A really bad picture of the dress I drew on an iPad at the Apple Store. I really liked it!

My friend Liz and I waiting to get pictures with This Century who performed an acoustic set at the Apple at the Biltmore in Scottsdale; they were great and we were obviously pumped!

Two of the band members and me... YAY!

I swear I will stop lurking on everyone's blogs this week and actually start posting on mine! 
Good luck for Monday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I had my AC on earlier today and I was drinking orange spice tea.
Then the commercial for Home Alone came on.
And I could have sworn it was Christmas already!
Costco seems to think so...
Christmas lights! In September!

It's been a really crazy week full of glasses-wearing and silly tears, but this weekend has been a real' breather. I made an apron, ate some potato salad, finished a book... Good times. 
I think I'm going to spend some time tomorrow catching up on London runway shows, I miss being absorbed in fashion, so I gotta get back!

I was gonna post an outfit post, but the two pictures I have from the week are with me and my incredibly swollen eyes. So, I apologized.

I posted this for my little friend. It made me giggle. I really like the jacket and the dress I have on, even though that dress was too too too TOO itchy.
But it was SO WORTH IT.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Target Travels...

I had adventures in Target today! Got some new mascara (that is as lovely as ever) and drooled over what's left of the Missoni collection. Call me crazy, but I actually do like the patterns. NOT A FOLLOWER. :P
I was ecstatic when I saw that my new mascara matched my nails; I thought it was darling! I'm wearing those Sally Hansen nail effects; which I love! They say they'll last 10 days, but they only last 7. Honestly? Not a set back. Because they last longer than nail polish for me, so I'm a happy camper! Although, the price point isn't very appealing... But maybe that's why they stay on for so long? I'm too afraid they're gonna come off so I'm super careful! 

I am majorly lusting over this collection. Like, seriously, the next time a collection comes out, I'm jumping on it so I don't have the lust effect I'm having right now! Empty wallet effect (ya know, no lunch for a couple of weeks) vs. lust effect... I'd rather feel the first. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just a Moment

I'm ready for a break again! Summer feels like it was SO long ago! My  style has been making me look like a teacher; a student teacher came up to me and asked me if I wanted to walk with her to the meeting and I just started laughing and kind of... ran away. Well, there goes the teacher in me! 
But, here's my weekly picture & outfit update!

{Black Cardigan: Worthington}
{Green tank: Urban Outfitters}
{Multicolored Skirt: daisy fuentes; Kohl's}
{Black suede wedges: Target}

I found this dress at Target last week for $6! It looked weird because it was a size too big, but if it had fit, I so would have gotten it! I wish I had: I've been yearning for something orange lately.
{Clock and Lion blouse: Savers}
{Bell bottoms: DKNY}
{Maroon peep-toe wedges: Famous Footwear}

My friend Diana and I waiting for our Choir Retreat to start. Fun fun fun.

Awesome broccoli at Sprouts. Yay!

Having too much fun with Hipstamatic.

I also wanted to let you guys know I'm participating in Miss Vinyl Ahoy's The Paper Doll Project! It's where we get to dress a person we're paired up with... I'm really excited! Anybody else taking part?

Paper Doll Project