Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Skin is Being Strange.

So, I figured this is somewhat relevant as this is a fashion/beauty/life blog.
Continuing on.

My skin is DRY.
This may seem like something normal to many of you, but not me. I usually have the oiliest skin EVER.
Like, I know this is disgusting, but like sweat oily! But this winter my skin is crazy dry. It's peeling and stuck and just plain weird to me.
I can't figure out why! It could be:
- The weather (Doubtful, as in Arizona, the lowest we get is 50 degrees F at night.)
- My medicine for acne (Possible, so I am limiting my usage to every other day... Just don't tell my dermatologist.)
- My horrible moisturizer.

I am seriously thinking it's the third, because along with this dryness, everytime I use my Aveeno Daily moisturizer, my neck breaks out and is red and itchy. I don't know what's going on! Does anyone else experience this with Aveeno products? Well, I'm not dumb, because I tried my Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer and my face is STILL dry. Then I try Clinique's super moisturizer and no luck there either.

Well, on the lookout! If anyone out there is reading and has a suggestion, I'd really appreciate you commenting; I'd sure give it a try, I'm up for anything at this point.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Survey Part I.

-.N a m e s.- Your Name:: Danielle (Dani)
Your Middle Name:: Rose. Catholic Saint Name: Felicity
Your Dream Name:: I actually quite like my name, but if I could change it, I'd say Lauren, because that's what my mum actually wanted my name to be.
Your favorite girl's name:: Aria and Arelia.
Your favorite boy's name:: Luke and Sawyer.
Why your name is what it is:: My dad's middle name is Daniel and my Dad's mum's name was Rose.
What your name means:: God is my judge.
What's most important in a name?:: Meaning. Like, a backstory.
Friend with the best name:: Caerensa or Elasia.
Parent's name:: Jeanie and Richard.
Sibling's (if any) name: Richard, Mark, Andy, Phillip and Karen.
-.Y o u r.- Age: 16.
Birthday: December 25th.
Color:: Coral and Teal.
Stereotype:: Choir kid. Mormon (even though I'm not.)
Personality:: Confident, friendly, loving, musical, outgoing.
Body Type:: Average.
Height:: 5' 5'' 
Hair color:: Naturally, dirty blonde. Currently, red.
Eye color:: Blue
First language:: English.
Birth country:: USA.
Current living situation:: Mostly at home with my mum. Occasionally over to my dad's.
Obsession(s):: fashion, music, acting, dance, photography, travel, sketching, gossip girl, disney.
Star Sign:: Capricorn.
Hobbies:: Music, singing, dance, theatre, photography, fashion, sketching.
Dream job:: Musical Theatre Performer.
Current job:: none.
Best memory:: Many.
-.F a v o r i t e s.-
Flower:: Carnations.
Mythical Creature:: Sprites.
Book:: The Princess Diaries
Movie:: The Notebook, Princess and the Frog, Center Stage.
City:: New York.
Sport:: Dance.
Article of clothing you own:: Chetta B painted flower dress.
Food:: Carbs.
Holiday:: Thanksgiving.
Month:: April.
Season:: Winter.
Class in school:: Choir.
Teacher:: Choir Teacher/Dance Teacher.
Shoes you own:: grey booties.
Thing about yourself:: The talents I am blessed with.
Form of art:: fashion, music.
Musical/Play:: Chorus Line and Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Point in life:: Summer between 9th and 10th grade when I lived in a hotel.
Store:: Urban Outfitters/Disney Couture.
Building:: Disney World Castle.
-.M o v i e s.- Favorite movie genre:: Romantic Comedy
Worst movie:: Can't even think of one right now.
Favorite classic:: Sixteen Candles.
Favorite movie as a child:: Disney movies. ANY Disney movie.
Best animated movie:: Princess and the Frog.
Movie with the best ending:: The Ugly Truth.
Best Disney movie:: Aladdin.
Most predictable movie:: All romantic-comedies and Teen flicks.
Strangest movie:: Can't think.
Best actor:: Gerard Butler/Ed Westwick.
Best actress:: Anne Hathaway.
Actor with the most diverse set of characters:: Anne Hathaway.
Actor that plays the most convincing villain:: No idea.
Best movie soundtrack:: Any musical.
Funniest movie:: The Ugly Truth.
Best documentary:: The September Issue.
Movie with the most creative credits:: Despicable Me. Just cute. 
Favorite station:: ABC Family, TLC and Food Network.
Favorite show:: Gossip Girl.
Best commercial that's on now:: None.  
Best commercial from the past:: Disney Parks.
Best reality show:: SYTYCD (does that count?) If not, ANTM.
Show you wish would come back:: The Nanny.
Best person on TV:: Leighton Meester.
Worst person on TV:: Miley Cyrus. Blah.
Worst station:: MTV.
Show you'd spend all Saturday watching reruns of:: Gossip Girl, The Nanny.
Best show as a child:: Lizzie McGuire.
TV character you relate most with:: Blair from Gossip Girl.
Show you learn the most from:: Gossip Girl (That sounds bad, I do realize.)
Best TV actor:: Ed Westwick, Penn Badgely.
Best TV actress:: Leighton Meester. 
Age of your TV:: The one I'm watching now, about 2 years old. 
How many channels you get:: 99 on this one and a crap load on the one in the main room.
Best time to watch TV:: Primetime or later.
-.M u s i c.-
Best genre:: Alternative and musicals 
Favorite band:: Regina Spektor, Priscilla Ahn, Corrine Bailey Rae, Sara Baraellies. 
Best radio station:: 97.5 or 96.9.
Genre you secretly like:: 80's rock.
Best music to dance to:: Gaga.
Song that never gets old:: Love the Way You Lie. 
Song that makes you want to go deaf:: Miley Cyrus.
Favorite song without words:: Any classical pieces.
Favorite lyrics:: Wallflower by Priscilla Ahn. 
Best quality about music:: Soothing qualities.
Worst song:: I Got a Feeling.
Song that touches you the most:: Wallflower, Dream, Lucky, She Dances.
Saddest song:: She Dances.
Funniest song:: Fashionista.
Strangest song:: Alice's Restaurant. 
Song that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand:: None, yet.
Best instrument:: Piano.
Most annoying instruments:: Annoying people with cymbals.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

irrelevancies... (is that even a word?)

Oh... and I'm apparently losing some weight because none of my pants fit. Hurrah!
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things come and go, but I'll always be me.

I got dumped yesterday. You think I'd be depressed because I was the one who got let loose, but now people hate him more for dumping "miss perfect sweet girl" (me). Whatever happens, happens, there's no changing that. At least now I'm more open to just dating. So not all bad things are only bad, good CAN come out of them!
So, I am in a fantastic mood. FANTASTIC. Like, genuinely! Could be post-shopping bliss.... nah.
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today today today...

Outfit today. Based on the style of a girl who goes to NYU whom I saw ladt night. Yay inspiration!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Wow! The week went by quickly!
I'm really excited to try these out. I have difficulties keeping those darn headphones in my ears, especially while working out, so hopefully these can help me out!
My weekend was very busy, so I apologize for not posting! But, I did go on a target haul today.
I don't know if any of you have tried this or not, but I just got it and it smells wonderful. After I clean my room, I fully plan on utilizing my bath by lighting some candles and settling in for a nice, warm bath.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I have school tomorrow.

Using my backpack is going to be awkward. I wish it were cuter. And not so HUGE. I have 2 binders, 2 notebooks, an Italian aria book, my pencil pack, makeup, my lunch and my wallet... all on my back. Eek. I'm not a light packer... when it comes to anything. Speaking of packing, which reminds me of trips, I get to go to New York with my dad and Disneyland in March :D then Europe in June!! Eep! I'm SO excited. You have no idea.
It's 12:25 and I have school at 7:30 tomorrow. That's just great, huh? Well, I'm excited for quite a few things...
-starting ballroom again
-vocal roar!!!! (Show choir)
-seeing my friends
-seeing my boyfriend(:
-the gym
-losing weight and gettin' healthy!

Quite excited.
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Update from Britt's house :)

Mmm. School is tomorrow... I am not excited. Yeah. BUT I did get some cute stuff at GAP and some awesome VS sale stuff.. Like cheek tint! Amazing stuff. One smells like cherry and the other smells like watermelon. YUM! Some good lip gloss too. So yes, excitement. I'll post what I got today when I get home. Just wanted to check in :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well, happy New Year everyone! I can't believe it's 2011; that sounds so impossible... But it is, indeed. So far this year I've been doing lots of cooking and organizing. Yes, I do realize it's only been a day, but I've been doing these two things SO much lately. Today I made some coffee cake muffins and cookies, that I burned, and I've been making a few pasta dishes lately. I try to follow recipes, but I always end up diverting from the plan, but that's usually what makes it so good.

{My slight fail of coffee cake cupcakes, more muffins, but fairly reminiscent of  an Aussie Bite}

{My burnt cookies}

{My pup, Cassie, anxiously waiting for some food to drop}

{Ramen with spinach and soy sauce and lime juice}

{Supposed to be an alfredo dish, but I ditched the sauce, added some pesto and green beans and dug in!}
I've been really anxious about life lately. My camera is fantastic.

{via: camcorderinfo.com}
It's the Rebel T1i and it takes fabulous pictures, even on the auto setting. Abstract photography is a passion of mine and this camera is absolutely perfect. It's also great for taking shots of people, too. If you're looking for a good DSLR camera, this is it.
Okay, now I'll get off my camera bandstand.

How was everyone's New Years? Not that anyone is reading my blog. If you are, speak up so I can thank you! (And know I'm not writing to air.)

happy new year (:

I'm quite hungry. I think I'll make some fortune cookies.