Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Favorite Bloggers.

Well, I figured since I haven't been writing on my own blog much that I'd share with you some blogs I really enjoy and wish I could be/write like! All of these blogs are gorgeous and I can't get enough of them!

Picture via: Cheetah is the New Black

I just love this girl. She is absolutely the sweetest thing and her pictures are always top notch; as is her fashion sense! She loves cheetah print (as you've probably assumed by the title of her blog) and she's a fantastic writer. Reading her posts everyday just really make me smile.

For lover of: great photos, cheetah print, sparkles, gorgeous redheads, awesome DIY projects
Picture via: Kendi Everyday

Her outfit posts are the est. So are her quirky little post titles like "Case of the Vanishing Dress". I love her attention to detail and how she visually puts where everything is from; on late nights it makes it easier to see! It's also awesome because she owns Bloom, a store in Texas and the stuff is absolutely adorable. I'm so happy because you can get it online too! Check it out here.

For lovers of: sweet brunettes, great attention to detail, spot-on trends, Texas!
Picture via: Camille Styles
First of all, this DIY... How cute?! I love this napkin rings!! Anyway... I seriously adore her party collages. This isn't so much a fashion blog as it is a party, DIY and food blog, but I'm really addicted to it. It's like a pinterest blog. I can sit here drinking my tea out of a teacup, read her blog and feel as elegant as all get out; even if I'm in my pajamas and have no makeup on. She really puts together some beautiful pictures and some great ideas!

For lovers of: photography, pinterest, lovely things, interior decor, art, trends, DIY, parties, food

Okay, I love this site for the pure fact that it's totally relevant to me. And awesome. And amazing... Okay, I guess I like it for a lot of reasons. It's really great for dormspiration and the looks on college campuses around the US right now. They also have posts that are kind of Disneybound inspired. The did an Avengers one the other day and I'm totally using it for a superhero party I'm going to.

For lovers of: College (or not lovers of college who are in college), disneybound, tips, advice, dormspiration, fashion