Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what even

I have to dress like a bro today.
Like, what even? Is that even valid?
This is not fair.
I'm a fashionista, not a fashionbrosta. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THE FACT OF DRESSING LIKE A BRO.
What is a bro? (See below)

Defenition of Bro:
bro5856 up2237 down
Obnoxious partying males who are often seen at college parties. When they aren’t making an ass of themselves they usually just stand around holding a red plastic cup waiting for something exciting to happen so they can scream something that demonstrates how much they enjoy partying. Nearly everyone in a fraternity is a bro but there are also many bros who are not in a fraternity. They often wear a rugby shirt and a baseball cap. It is not uncommon for them to have spiked hair with frosted tips.

Bros actually chose this name for themselves as they often refer to each other as "bro" even though they are not related.
I couldn't go to sleep last night because some bros at the party next door kept screaming, "Whoooooo!!! YEAAHHHHH! Whooooooo!"

Monday, May 30, 2011

What's in a trend? By any other name would be as ironic...

{Via: Sunsas}
I started wearing a few of this summer's trends up to a couple of years ago.
I worshiped the sun hat for the past two years, I've been wearing feather earrings for the past 6 months and I've been the weird girl who wears scarves for the last God knows how long...
The funny thing is that I've been laughed at for wearing all of these. And now who else is wearing them? Those people who laughed.
It's amazing how a trend becomes a "trend". What is a trend anyways? I feel it's when something becomes so mainstream that it's awkward and annoying by the time you get to it. Like TOMS, I remember when they were first introduced and I thought they were really cute, but thought they were a scam. Now, everyone I know either covets a pair or has one. Sunhats were for dorky white girls, now they're a classy fashion statement. Scarves worn on your head were once dorky and weird, a 70's staple, and now they're taking up pages in Vogue. You could tell everyone that paper hats were "in" and two minutes later, they'd be worn by every follower from New York to Utah to California. Feather extensions. Color extensions. Florals. Indian prints. Vintage. Whatever it is, the "trend" seems to develop crazily, no matter how weird it is. 
And lately, I keep pulling out the trends before they're trends, so I get the short end of the stuck and get looked at weirdly for wearing something that the onlookers will be wearing no doubt in just a few months.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Whenever I'm on Urban Outfitters or at Target or on tumblr I always see bicycles. Everywhere.
Like this...

And this...
And it just makes me think to myself about how unfortunate it is that I don't actually know how to ride a bike.
Now, before you laugh, let me just let you know that I tried. I just got really sick and I kept falling over... So I was always too afraid to get back on it... But because I'm going to college in a year (which sounds crazy to me right now) where I won't have a car, I should probably learn. So I'm gonna try. And if I fall, I'm just gonna have to pick myself up and try again. It honestly is like life, as cliche as that sounds, but whatever. It is what it is.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Party hopping.

^ Is amusing. 
I'm actually excited. Ready to do something crazy. Party hopping is as far as I can go.
But, I have decided I'm going to try and do my hair differently everyday. Straight, curly, wavy, half-up half-down, side bun, tight bun, loose bun, high bun, low bun, bed-head, ponytail... It shouldn't be that hard. I'll look for a list of good looks to wear for Europe and school and such! 

Day 01

Messy side bun from dry shampoo'd curly hair that I just pulled to the side with a hair tie and a bobby pin with a jean and lace barrette and sideswept bangs. 

So yeah, we'll see how this goes. Partyin' and the hairstyles. One two three GO!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Congratulations to the Lancome Contest Winner: madi.may258!

Congratulations to madi.may258! She won the Lancome Design contested hosted by my blog and sponsored by Polyvore and Lancome. She has won a Lancôme Color Design Eye Brightening All-in-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette! 
Heart Song


Well, this is it. Graduation. Not mine, that comes next year, but it's graduation for dozens of my closest friends who are nearly my family after what we've went through together. I've grown up with these people since 4th grade. We've been in choirs together, dance classes, theatre classes, academic classes; we've experienced nearly everything with each other and now they're leaving us underclassmen and going their separate ways. 
When thinking of graduation the movie Eclipse pops into my mind, strangely enough.

"When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our answers were things like astronaut, president, or in my case… princess.

When we were ten, they asked again and we answered - rock star, cowboy, or in my case, gold medalist. But now that we've grown up, they want a serious answer. Well, how 'bout this: who the hell knows?!

This isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions, its time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere chill. Fall in love - a lot. Major in philosophy 'cause there's no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind. Then change it again, because nothing is permanent.

So make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask again what we want to be… we won't have to guess. We'll know."
-The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

This quote sums up everything I feel about graduation, and life. Yesterday, I was dawning on the fact that I have to make all the daunting decisions I do and dwelling on the repercussions of each one. While pondering this, Sex and the City played on my TV. You know, the episode where Carrie is trying out the trapeze and she's researching for her column "Sex and the City" about how when you're young you're carefree and when you're old you become more cautious. 
Everyday, I realize more and more that kids these days are turning that around. A lot of us are so focused on our class rank, our popularity, what's right... We worry about it. Is it a good thing? I don't think so. The one time in our life when we have something like freedom, we can't dwell on ridiculous things or have an opportunity pass by after we've found every problem with the situation. We need to just go for things and whatever happens, happens.
My friends have all been stressing out about what they're going to do with their lives... What they're majoring in, who they're dating, who they'll marry, whether to have kids or not, what job to do... You're just getting out of high school, you have your whole life to do all those things. Those that are really, truly happy are the ones that just live in the moment and let it happen. And honestly, they're also the ones who turn out to be the most successful.
So on the night of high school graduation, or any milestone, we have to realize that life is about taking chances. If it wasn't, we wouldn't have the option.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Those situations you get in...

{better yet(h)}
I've found that I'm barely ever myself around people I don't know. 
That's why I'm so excited for summer, because I can wear my tank tops, experiment with my hair and makeup and just have fun. School is really stressful; you have to impress your teachers, fellow students, directors, fellow actors... Everyone, because your future, when you're in theatre and performing arts, depends on it. People outside the business usually don't understand that, which makes having friends hard. It also makes having friends hard when everyone in theatre is so two-faced and willing to do anything they can to get what they want. So, here's the question, do we need friends?  Can we get on without friends? Sometimes, when things are going bad, I don't really want to try, but then I realize that there are other people out there. There's always gonna be people out there who are there for you and when they stop, there'll be more people. In my close world, I wonder if there really are; then I realize that there always will be. So, if life is getting you down, look ahead, there's always something better. I feel blessed that at sixteen I actually understand it, even if it is only a five second realization.

But this summer I am really excited, because I am going to get away. I'm going to Mexico and I'm going to lounge around, read, blog, design, relax... Then, I'm going to Europe, where I get to sing in dozens of cathedrals and parks for about seventeen days. I get to be with people I am determined to be closer to because they're truly awesome people. <3 Then, I'm hopefully going to Disneyland with my friend or my mom; that would be fabulous. 
Lately I just want to turn off my phone and get away from everyone, but I have to keep it to talk to my mom. The only thing I ven use my phone for anymore is to talk to two people, to look up things and to go on facebook. I don't even like talking to people. But. We'll see how it goes.

a bicycle built for two

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea, anyone?

{Design Dazzle Blog Post}
I've been wanting to have a tea party lately. Badly. I don't know why, but it's just so appealing to me. The bright colors, pretty dresses, twinkly lights, pretty plates, tea, teacups, books, British accents... Sorry, I just got carried away there. 

Elements of a Tea Party

Awesome Dining Ware
{Weddingbee Forums}
Okay, you gotta have cute dishes if you're gonna have a tea party! I love the idea of mismatched china and just generally cute dining ware. One thing you should keep constant, though, is the shape of the dishes  and the color and make of your utensils. If you keep the tea cups, plates and napkins all different and keep the table cloth neutral and the utensils neutral and it makes it insanely pretty.

Other Pretty/Girly Design Elements

Okay, I adore this set up. I really, really, really, really adore this. A great addition to a tea party is flowers. Depending on the season, they can be anything from roses to carnations to daisies to tulips; it depends on the occasion, too. Another thing to thing about is the time of day. I'm having one at night and I'm going to hang up cute tea lights outside and put a few circle-shaped tables up with some cute tablecloths. We'll set up some floor pillows in a corner with a couple throws. And then I'm going to ruin the beautiful air of it all and we'll go inside and watch a movie. 
I'm actually really excited. :)

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings about tea parties. <3

Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Monday, May 9, 2011