Tuesday, September 25, 2012

dreaming of a white christmas.

dreaming of a white christmas.

Anybody else desperately craving the holidays right now? Because I am. I've been pinteresting lovely Christmas party ideas all morning and am drooling at the thought of peppermint mochas and the smell of pine trees. So lovely. I just want it to be Christmas-time already! I'm excited for white lights, cider and snow too. T'will be lovely. I'm already planning a Christmas shindig and it's not even October... Silliness! But I'm pretty excited... Bring on the red and green!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I thought I would share how I've decorated my room! If there's anything I love at my school; it's my dorm. It's a true reflection of who I am! So, here's a peek into my dorm room!

Overview of my room in general before I really did anything to it...

Above my desk before I attacked it!

All the Broadway programs I've found in the city. :)

Back of my desk with some inspiration. I played around with it a bit last night!

My dinosaur lamp, teapot with flowers in it and jewelry box.

Above my desk after I'd be playing around with it.

Above my bed that I LOVE. That's what she said.

Covered a tissue box because I was bored out of my mind...

My lightbulb string lights underneath my bed.

View out my window of beautiful NYC.

I'll probably change it up more soon... But we'll see!

Have I mentioned...?

I'm living in NYC right now. Well, not quite NYC but Staten Island. It's been interesting. It's been busy. It's been absolutely crazy. It's also been a really cool experience, but rather overwhelming. Since I've been here, I've dyed my hair twice, decorated my room 100 times, seen 4 broadway shows, slept in 3 times and sprained my hand, wrist and elbow... Is the gravity just different here than Arizona or what? 
I have a feeling this year is going to host some new changes for me. I really don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing next semester, to be honest... But more on that later.
I've been craving pretty floral arrangements lately. I keep walking by the flower district and swooning... I really need to make a trip into the city just for flowers. 

Not only are they gorgeous, but they smell heavenly. I can't get over it.