Friday, November 25, 2011

Concrete Jungle!

Wonder where I've been? Life has been utterly crazy. Like, a show here, a performance there, a board meeting here, a trip to New York there--
Wait, what? New York, you say?
Yes, I'm in New York!
It is quite lovely here, despite the fact that it's freezing and I neglected packing long sleeve shirts or more than one pair of pants... Smart, huh? For someone who is so fashion-oriented you'd think I'd be right on top of that, but I wasn't. I suppose I'll learn eventually! 
So, what have I been up to? Well, we took a red eye flight from Sky Harbor Tuesday and hit the ground running once we got to the city! We went over to FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology), a school that I'm considering attending, and checked it out with a tour; it sounds quite lovely!
After that, we tried to get some discounted tickets for a show on broadway, but the line was way too long; we knew we weren't getting in, so we decided to just go by the theatre for the musical The Book of Mormon and we found out that there's this thing called the cancelation line where you can wait until someone, well, cancels and you can buy their tickets! We decided to do it because we're probably not going to be here again while it's still showing and it's going to still be sold out even if we are, so we might as well hit it up now!

Three. Hours. Later. 
You should've seen me; I was being obnoxious.
So, Book of  Mormon!
{Eugene O'Neill Theatre}

{Excited and wearing a skirt; freezed my absolute butt off!}
{The show itself was quite lovely and if you like Family Guy style humor, I'd see it if you have the chance! Not only is it hilarious, the music is pretty good, too! It is crude humor though, be forewarned!}

Then came Thursday, Thanksgiving! I got to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in person which was absolutely awesome!

I'll post more pictures and more about the trip later, but this is all for now!

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