Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I feel so behind! Tomorrow should be Day 11, but it's going to be Day 8. To be honest, I've been living in pajamas and sweats lately. Gah.
But I wish I could be using my time at home for the greater good. Maybe actually working on cleaning my house... Seeing I have a party to host on Saturday. My friends and I are having an intense Wii competition. You see... All of my friends are incredibly competitive. You have no idea. I seriously FEAR for my TV, because there's gonna be a remote that flies through the screen; I know it. But on the upside, I'm watching Dirty Dancing. Ultimate dancer pleasure. My day has consisted of waking up at 1:30, relocating from my bed to the couch, going on facebook, making guacamole, drooling over Modcloth, watching reruns of So You Think You Can Dance over and over and over again, watching the new So You Think You Can Dance..... And now I'm here! Blogging and watching the greatest movie ever. Of course, this is all to get my mind off of the fact that I can't go to this huge dance workshop I'm signed up for because of my stupid foot. Grr.
Changing subjects... I really want a Polaroid camera. My mum just got rid of her old one a couple years ago and I really wish she hadn't. My friend found a mini one that was $40, but I have no clue where she found it. Not that it matters, because film is about $20 a roll. Crazy sauce I tell you.

Well, I'll have an outfit posted tomorrow for sure!

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