Sunday, July 11, 2010


Okay. So go to my 30 Items link if you're interested in what items are being exchanged, just for GP I guess. This is interesting.

My 30 Items

#14 Plaid shirt (missing 2 middle buttons) for:

striped shirt- AB Studio

#15 Green babydoll blouse (ripped on the sleeves) for:

Floral floaty camisole- Mudd 

#26 Floral purple skirt (has a open slit up the side. eh.) for:

Floral high waisted shorts- H&M Garden Party

#30 pink shoes (The sole kind of... Completely came off the bottom of the shoe.) for:

Floral Hawaiian Skirt- Sonoma

^^ So I know that's not shoes, but I don't have another pair with me at my dad's house right now, so it'll have to do.

So those are the unfortunate exchanges. I wish things would have worked better with my first items. Hopefully nothing else happens...


  1. I have to do one exchange as well!

    I chose a black frilly blouse type shirt (amazing description, I know), and I put it on saturday night to find that the seam at front was coming apart.

    I don't really want to flash my boobs at everyone so I'm going to exchange it with a simple blank tank. Seemed fair to me.

    maybe you have a moth problem? Your replacements are adorable!

  2. I think it's just that all of my clothes are pretty horrible quality and I tend to have favorites that get abused!

    But I'm glad I get to work these in, because they were incredibly late birthday presents (by half a year hah) and I'm glad I actually got to wear them.
    They were given to me the Monday we started the challenge! >:(


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