Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Day With My Fake Little Sister. (&& the 30 for 30 challenge!)

My outfit today:

risky business sunglasses
$11 -

Picture Keeper

There's this adorable little girl who lives down the street and she calls me her older sister. We've been sisters since she was 5 and now she's 11. Since then, she's moved to Washington and she just came back to visit her grandparents and me. So today I took her to see Eclipse and we took a trip to Denny's really quick beforehand.
Her outfit was actually pretty adorable. For an eleven year old, she's picked up quite a bit of style.

Baby Sister's Style:

She's got a innocent skater-chick look about her. She's obsessed with Vans... I hope to ween her off of that trend before she gets home... That and those gosh-darn "Silly Bandz". Those little rubberband animal crap things.

Yeah. Those annoying things that reside on every elementary schooler's wrists. Ever so ridiculous.
                                           she is AWESOME!! vvv
Even though I'm a new fashion blogger, Kendi Everyday does a thing called 30 for 30. Where for a whole month (Starting July 5th) you only wear 30 items. 30 outfits with 30 items including clothing and shoes; not accessories. But the catch is, you must become a recesionista, no shopping the whole month. For us shopaholics, that could present a problem. But I'm going to try nevertheless.  I'll post my 30 items sometime soon, once I find my camera charger... Let's go look for that now.


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