Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm not quitting, I'm resigning.

Okay, so I found that the 30 Day Challenge just isn't working for my life. It's been over 20 days since I started and I've gotten less than 10 outfits done. Its just hard for me because of my life being a living dance class. I just feel bad never posting my outfit because I know it doesn't fit the criteria of my 30 Day Challenge. Though I can say it did help because I didn't shop until today. When I went to Gap and got a new pair of jeans, a cardigan and a dance shirt. That brings up another problem with the challenge for me; I need to do my school shopping! I can't believe it, school starts in 2 weeks. Wow. Time goes by so quickly; summer didn't seem long enough. I still have a Beowulf project to finish, so I'm nervous about that. But I'm really glad I did the challenge as far as I did; that's a pretty big deal for me.
Well I hope you guys aren't mad at me for stopping the challenge... I hope you still follow my blog; I'll be posting more often, seeing I can actually post my outfits without worrying now. I'm apologizing to you and myself; I'm really mad I couldn't finish the challenge.
But thank you guys for being there for me and commenting on my sets; it really means a lot to me! I love you all!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


shirt- H&M
skirt- H&M
leggings- American Eagle
necklace- vintage pendant from swap meat

First off, let me apologize for the poor quality of my picture. I really liked my outfit today (because it's comfortable), but my mum was asleep so I had no one to take the picture for me! I have to go to the library today to work on a summer English project. We have a huge project due the first day back; it's about Beowulf. That's why I'm glad a guy is helping me, they get all this blood and gore stuff. Hopefully I'll come to actually like the book! 
Quick post as I'm actually leaving right now!


cardigan- Holister
white top- F21
Leggings- dance store
Flats- H&M
Belt- vintage

So I told myself from the day I heard of the movie Inception that I wasn't going to go see it. Then, everyone started raving about it and I was growing curiouser and curiouser. To get my mind off of it, I planned an outing to go and see The Sorcerer's Apprentice with a friend.
Well, let's just say I ended up seeing Inception. The reason I swore I wouldn't see it is because scary movies aren't my thing and my friends were all telling me how scary it was going to be, so I naturally swayed away from it. The concepts of action movies are really awesome and enticing to me, but I just can't watch them, it freaks me out. 
But my friend wanted to see it so badly, they literally dragged me into the movie theatre. That's how freaked out by it I was. But I got to tell you, I LOVED it! It was incredibly amazing and I suggest to anyone out there who hasn't seen it for whatever reason, to go see it ASAP. 
On the topic of fashion now! I know, forgive me fashion for I have sinned. A fat girl wearing leggings as pants is a no no. Well, leggings as pants PERIOD is a no no. (Unless you're in a Brazillian tour group at Disney World apparently.) But because I'm a dancer, this rule shouldn't count for me, I'm calling these my athletically fashionable clothes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Cringe. I really need to get dressed everyday; say goodbye to my PJs :( BUT. I did get out today! (for something OTHER than dance!)
dress- F21
jeans- Torrid
shoes- Famous Footwear (some Italian sounding brand)
necklace- F21
feather earrings you can't see but I adore- Charlotte Russe
So your first thought is probably... Dani. Those shoes AND that dress weren't in your 30 items; what the crap?! Well, my complaint is, is I didn't know I was going to a dinner theatre when I started the challenge, so I needed to throw in something formal and even though those shoes hurt like HECK they're so cute! 
So I'm sure this doesn't count for the remix, but I love this outfit.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Two in the morning and I feel like reflecting on my fashion life. Just lovely! So I was thinking about the 30 day challenge and looking at the latest posts on the fashion blogs I follow; everyone is quitting! Well, I don't think quitting or giving up, the words they use, are right! Because, you guys tried! And that's what's important. You can't tell me you didn't learn something for the challenge. You may have learned that the next time you pack for somewhere, you need to plain outfits ahead or that you need less prints and more things that are solid to be paired with the prints you already have. I'm pretty sue you all lasted at least a week, and most of you got it full on! So you went a week without shopping (when was the last time you did that?) and learned something about your fashioning; that's something! So I don't think you guys gave up, you just found out the challenge didn't work for your lifestyle and had a learning experience along the way.
So thank you Kendi, I'm sure not only from me but from others, for coming up with this challenge. Not only to save us money, but to help us find our true fashion identity. I haven't even done the challenge for a week and I'm already learning so much. Like, I found out I need a few more skirts, some solid tops and some more accessories; because they can completely change an outfit. Though this non-shopping challenge may lead to shopping once it ends, I think we're going to truly start shopping for things we need, not things we want.
I have a feeling I'll be stopping the challenge soon, because with dance, it's really hard to remix my 30 items when I'm getting sweaty everyday and barely have time to do laundry, but  I'm SERIOUSLY trying. I'm gonna do this. Even if I just have to make it no shopping for a couple more weeks, that's something. Well, I'll have to stop that too eventually, because I'm going to need to buy things for next semester at school; including some good shoes! Mine are all falling apart again and have no arch support, probably not the best idea for a dancer. So I'm gonna try and work on all of this I guess. Well, yeah. Now, after writing this, I'm actually tired... Yay! I'm going to head off to bed and dream of some Christian Louboutins and Prada bags. Goodnight everyone! (And good morning to some!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heaven in a CUP.

Oh my gosh. Can I even explain how good this is? No, no I can't. I'm eating it frozen and it's SO delicious, especially for the small number of calories it has. If you've even been thinking of buying this, do it, it's so worth it! I can't wait to try it normally.

*This review is not paid for and is my honest opinion only!


top:ABStudio//skirt:CharlotteRusse//leggings:Xhilleration//flats:H&M//key necklace:Tiffany//silver hoops: ?

See? I promised you guys that I'd have a post today! I really like this outfit, I think I'm gonna use it for a photo shoot with my friend this Saturday; I like stripes and flowers together!
My foot is doing better, but I get to find out what's wrong with it Monday, I'm so nervous! I want to be able to dance as soon as possible, so hopefully it's nothing too big. For now, I'm just limping around and occasionally using crutches; it doesn't hurt unless I'm constantly on it, so it's all good.
I hope everyone doing the challenge is having good luck! Hopefully not getting any fashion block! I've been looking at all of your blogs (I try to follow everyone on Kendi's list) and all of your outfits are FANTASTIC! I cannot believe the talent on here! You guys are incredibly amazing, I love you all!!

Sidenote: WOW. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing how dirty my computer screen is! Eek. I need to clean it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I feel so behind! Tomorrow should be Day 11, but it's going to be Day 8. To be honest, I've been living in pajamas and sweats lately. Gah.
But I wish I could be using my time at home for the greater good. Maybe actually working on cleaning my house... Seeing I have a party to host on Saturday. My friends and I are having an intense Wii competition. You see... All of my friends are incredibly competitive. You have no idea. I seriously FEAR for my TV, because there's gonna be a remote that flies through the screen; I know it. But on the upside, I'm watching Dirty Dancing. Ultimate dancer pleasure. My day has consisted of waking up at 1:30, relocating from my bed to the couch, going on facebook, making guacamole, drooling over Modcloth, watching reruns of So You Think You Can Dance over and over and over again, watching the new So You Think You Can Dance..... And now I'm here! Blogging and watching the greatest movie ever. Of course, this is all to get my mind off of the fact that I can't go to this huge dance workshop I'm signed up for because of my stupid foot. Grr.
Changing subjects... I really want a Polaroid camera. My mum just got rid of her old one a couple years ago and I really wish she hadn't. My friend found a mini one that was $40, but I have no clue where she found it. Not that it matters, because film is about $20 a roll. Crazy sauce I tell you.

Well, I'll have an outfit posted tomorrow for sure!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts.

I'm really sorry about not posting my outfits lately! It's just that on Sunday, my foot down by the pad of my foot, started hurting. It wasn't that bad, so I ignored it and just limped around on it a little, thinking my foot had just cramped up and I knew it would be better in the morning, so I didn't make a big deal about it.
Well, I was wrong. On Monday it was hurting worse. I had 3 hours of dance scheduled that day. I knew I couldn't cancel, I'd miss it to much and I needed to prepare for my competition.
So, I pushed through the pain and it didn't hurt nearly as much as when I wasn't dancing.
But by nighttime I was in agony. I don't even know what happens, I didn't do anything that should've bothered my foot, but my mom decided to look at it today (after another 3 hours of dance. you know, I wish I was a quitter.) and apparently it's super swollen and bruised. Lovely.

So I haven't exactly been non-lazy enough to take a picture. I'm kind of mad about that, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'll try and post one tomorrow.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Okay. So go to my 30 Items link if you're interested in what items are being exchanged, just for GP I guess. This is interesting.

My 30 Items

#14 Plaid shirt (missing 2 middle buttons) for:

striped shirt- AB Studio

#15 Green babydoll blouse (ripped on the sleeves) for:

Floral floaty camisole- Mudd 

#26 Floral purple skirt (has a open slit up the side. eh.) for:

Floral high waisted shorts- H&M Garden Party

#30 pink shoes (The sole kind of... Completely came off the bottom of the shoe.) for:

Floral Hawaiian Skirt- Sonoma

^^ So I know that's not shoes, but I don't have another pair with me at my dad's house right now, so it'll have to do.

So those are the unfortunate exchanges. I wish things would have worked better with my first items. Hopefully nothing else happens...


Wowee! Already day seven? And I'm having problems. Wonderful.
Well yeah. That's mah outfit today. Lovely. I had church... I'm setting such a good example for the younger kids. Well, at least they'll know fashion.

I am having some serious problems!

So I was looking through my items for the challenge. And what do I find in so many of my shirts and bottoms?

LOTS of them and rips and tears. I have no clue how they happened, but they're unwearable now... So is it fair for me to pull some pieces as replacements? Because, if not I'd have to stop the challenge, which I really don't want to do.

So either way, I'm gonna continue whether it's legit or not. I'll post the replacements later. *sigh*.
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So today was a really awesome day. I stayed in bed until four reading Breaking Dawn. I only started the series a few days ago and it's scary that I'm already on the last book! I actually do like the series quite a lot. Hey readers! You Team Edward or Team Jacob? I'm personally Team Edward. Jacob... I don't know. Just does not give me a good vibe.
Fiction Dani. Fiction.
After I read lazily in my room, I got to go to an open mic night at a local frozen yoghurt shop. My friends and I all loitered around town and took LOTS of pictures. It was a really fun night!

My hair just kind of freaked me out here, in an awesome way.

My friends and I were taking pictures in an alleyway!

Okay, so days 4 and 5 happened...

But I didn't feel very good, so I didn't get to take pictures!
I wore a black shirt with my jean shorts one day and lazily a black shirt with my harem pants the next.

My days weren't very productive if you couldn't tell already. I just had a lot of dancing going on.

So sorry for the lackeage of pictures, I'll try to be better!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I gotta feeling... Day 3 of the 30 for 30 Challenge

I'm probably gonna post a Polyvore set every other day instead of a picture. Dirty hair keeps me from taking pictures. I just feel nasty. Blah.

I'm worried because I'm already kind of running out of things to wear. Though this challenge IS helping me realize that I need to get some more skirts that are flattering. My skirts are mostly the same style with different patterns, so I realized I'm gonna need some new stuff after this challenge. So much for continuing the not shopping much past the challenge... But I'm gonna need some new stuff for school.
And a lot of my stuff is getting to be big on me... This is no good. For the challenge. Great for losing weight though! So this is gonna be an interesting challenge continuation...

Today I wore a black pocket tee, a black skirt and leggings.
That's it. I felt incredibly lazy.
That could be because I had a buncha dance classses... Yeah, that's it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I do realize these aren't the best pictures ever, but I tried. Today, I tried changing my dance outfit quickly into a normal one. I had ballroom in the early afternoon; where I wore leggings and the black shirt. My friends and I wanted to go to the movies at night, so I quickly threw on my skirt and some jewelry and VOILA! Nice outfit. 
I'm absolutely in love with this skirt. I must say, when I saw it at h&m, it JUMPED out at me. I almost didn't get it though, They didn't have my size, so I had to grab one that was larger and was worried it wasn't gonna fit. It didn't... But it was so cute! So I pinned it a little tighter and now it looks okay!!
My mum hates it cause' she says it makes me look like I have huge hips. Though that's the gospel truth, she thinks something else would make it look better. Heh.
Well until tomorrow.

30 for 30 Challenge;; Day 1/30.

So I was incredibly busy [and yet lazy] yesterday. Apparently too much of each to take a stupid minute and take a picture of myself! So I decided just to make a Polyvore set of what I wore yesterday. Call me lazy, but it won't happen again... Hopefully.

Items: 30 for 30 Challenge

30 for 30 Challenge

1. Oversized Mickey tee [H&M]
2. Red empire dress [Target]
2. Floral half dress [Target]

4. Teal ribbed tank [Target]
5. White babydoll tank [Forever21]
6. Paisley Camisole [Calvin Klein]
7. Purple racerback tank [Target]
8. Floral tank [American Eagle] 
9. Black and floral old school blouse [Torrid]
10. Black Pocket tee [Lush]
11. Purple basic tee [H&M]
12. Gray boatneck cut man's shirt [Hanes]
13. Black bell sleeve top [Target]

14. Plaid blouse [Ralph Lauren]
15. Green babydoll bouse [H&M]

16. Maroon 3/4 length sleeve cardigan [Holister]
17. Light gray longsleeve pocket cardigan [JC Penney]
18. Charcoal short sleeve long cardigan [H&M]

19. Vintage denim leggings hanging by their last thread [Mom]
20. Darkwash, folded over denim shorts [Calvin Klein]
21. Teal harem pants [H&M]
22. Gray harem pants [H&M]

23. Black and pink polka dot skirt [H&M]
24. Blue floral skirt [Charlotte Russe]
25. Black skirt [H&M]
26. Purple floral skirt [H&M]

27. Teal studded flats [H&M]
28. Gold flats [H&M]
29. Blue wedges [Zigi Soho- DSW]
30. Pink boots [Walmart]
^^ I know I probably won't wear these, but my friend just gave them to me and I love them so darn much I couldn't resist. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

30 for 30 Challenge starts tomorrow. (Well today, cause' it's already 12:13!)

The challenge is starting and I'm actually really excited! I need to choose my stuff tonight though still! I decided I'm going to choose stuff I want to wear as a fashionista, not as a lazy dancer.
But this challenge might have some, well, challenges. Because I dance all day long and I'm usually too lazy to change out of my cut up t-shirt, leggings and gold flats; my dance uniform outside of my ballroom heels. 
So you guys gotta keep me on track with this thing!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Day With My Fake Little Sister. (&& the 30 for 30 challenge!)

My outfit today:

risky business sunglasses
$11 -

Picture Keeper

There's this adorable little girl who lives down the street and she calls me her older sister. We've been sisters since she was 5 and now she's 11. Since then, she's moved to Washington and she just came back to visit her grandparents and me. So today I took her to see Eclipse and we took a trip to Denny's really quick beforehand.
Her outfit was actually pretty adorable. For an eleven year old, she's picked up quite a bit of style.

Baby Sister's Style:

She's got a innocent skater-chick look about her. She's obsessed with Vans... I hope to ween her off of that trend before she gets home... That and those gosh-darn "Silly Bandz". Those little rubberband animal crap things.

Yeah. Those annoying things that reside on every elementary schooler's wrists. Ever so ridiculous.
                                           she is AWESOME!! vvv
Even though I'm a new fashion blogger, Kendi Everyday does a thing called 30 for 30. Where for a whole month (Starting July 5th) you only wear 30 items. 30 outfits with 30 items including clothing and shoes; not accessories. But the catch is, you must become a recesionista, no shopping the whole month. For us shopaholics, that could present a problem. But I'm going to try nevertheless.  I'll post my 30 items sometime soon, once I find my camera charger... Let's go look for that now.