Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cloudy Skys and Awesome Buys.

Yes, I really had to do that with the title.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in Scottsdale! Now, for those of you out of AZ, you may have no clue what that is or what it means. It's a city that is about as close to NYC as you can get in AZ and is a GREAT place to shop. We have two H&M's here and they're both located in Scottsdale, so it'd be an understatement to say it's a pretty great place to shop. My day consisted of:
12:00 PM- Leaving for Scottsdale.
12:15 PM- Starbucks run! (I got a Chai Tea Latte and my dad got a Caramel Machiatto; we ended up switching because he ended up actually liking the Chai Latte!)
1 PM-6PM- We shopped all over Scottsdale with a break for Pita Jungle (YUM!) and Paradise Bakery Chippers (EVEN MORE YUM!) Then we walked downtown for a while and listened to some music and I read a couple of books.
6 PM- Went to Denny's (An interesting experience... Only one cook showed up so they fell behind on everyone's orders. But I DID have some good, er cold, soup.)
8 PM- We saw a local production of Romeo and Juliet that was FANTASTIC.

Sooooo, after skipping through my lovely itinerary, you're probably thinking, c'mon, Dani, clothes time now!!

Cute Minnie Mouse Shirt
Lovely teal sweater that'll look cute with skirts and pants alike
Adorable dress that looks SO much better in person
Dress/tunic that kind of looks like lingerie.
Basic black flats
Cheetah flats <3

This splurge was really strange for me because even though they were on sale, stuff at Lucy is SO expensive! I went in, thinking I'd just be looking for black pants to wear to Europe but once I get in, the lady is loading me up with different styles until my arms are seriously about to hit the floor. Then, as I'm trying stuff on, she's shoving MORE in my direction. But the minute I put the first pair of pants on, I melted. Those things are COMFY! And they make you look so good. So she threw a pair of x-training pants with a pink band at the top into my room and I gasped. Because you could either choose to hide or not hide the band, so they'd be perfect. My dad was blissfully unaware of the prices, so I pulled him into the room and talked to him about it and he agreed to let me get the pink banded pants. The woman seemed a little ticked that I had looked at so much and bought so little, but hey, it was her who piled me up! And she did get a better sale than I'd expected her to, I didn't expect to come out with ANYTHING.

Actually black. Look blue in the picture.
Urban Outfitters
 I went in with the intent of only buying gifts for my friend's birthday, but I came out with a bit more...

Have you guys seen these before? These are AMAZING. The why I must have sex with you and Bitch Citation are for her, the other two for me. They're actually relevant.

I had to get these bandaids for her. It's only classy for a clutz to get an epic clutz awesome bandaids.

And then these lovely fake glasses that everyone and their mother despises, except us hipsters.
Well, my haul is over. Hope you all enjoyed me rambling on about my happiness.

Side note, my dad just asked what "blogging" is. I told him he doesn't need to know, now I think he thinks it's a form of pornography. WHOOOO! Porn it is.

Friday, February 25, 2011

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Sitting Here Waiting to get my hair done! :]

EEEEEEP! I hope it's intensely awesome.
Hopefully hanging with my homeboy Matty tonight. He's a cool kiddo. Had my Broadway audition today. I think it went REALLY well, despite my spring awakening costume mishap!
So yes. Waiting in a zebra-adorned lobby. I love this place, it's so adorable. Just went to Pei Wei's too so it was a good after school!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I think I'm gonna change up my style a little tomorrow.

Yes? Yes.
Actually. OH yes.
I need to go pluck my eyebrows soon.
And take a shower.
And pick out what I'm wearing tomorrow.
And fix my nails.
And maybe do some homework.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Band I like.

The Civil Wars.

I don't know if anyone here has heard them, but you should seriously check them out!

I really need to get my eyebrows done.

This is a very random thought, I do realize, but it's true.
I haven't gotten my eyebrows done since my 9th grade formal, so it's been two years.
I might as well be Frida Kahlo. Well, not that over-exaggerated, but you get the picture.

Hopefully I get them and my hair done next weekend. Making a change sounds just like something I need.

Song of the day:

Spring Awakening is a great musical. It's a little iffy/sexual, but it's because it's reality.
It's basically a musical about being a teenager and what happens when mentors/parents don't tell their kids everything and then they find out on their own. It's set in the 1800's, but has breakouts in modern music. It's truly a spectacular musical.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Wendla (Spring Awakening) Costume Concept design.

This is my idea for my Wendla costume. For our choir broadway we're auditioning "Those You've Known" from Spring Awakening and we have to have costumes; hopefully we make it! My mum is helping me make this dress and I'm just grabbing a pair of knee high black socks and my flats, curling my hair and looking young and I'm gonna be good to go!

Spring Awakening: Wendla.

Spring Awakening: Wendla. by ɗisɳifieɗ♥ featuring alexander mcqueen shoes

New hair.

I need a new hair color/style! I think I'm gonna texturize my hair up a bit... more bangy bang. And new color. Yes? Yes.

This color is a possibility.
So is this. More toned down.
Or even MORE toned down.
I can't decide between the three! Yes, I realize they're super different, but you get it.

And for the cut, I'm doing bangs like the girl in the first picture has and keeping my length; I'm trying to grow it out more. I might ask for more layers tho; my hair could use some more movement.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

{cardigan from Savers}

{Sweater mom got from Savers}

{Interesting blouse from Savers}

{Detail on the blouse}

{Black/Navy-- can't tell -- cardigan from Savers}

{Red swing sweater from Savers}

{Cute detailing on the sweater}

{Vintage boots from Savers}

Well, in case you didn't gather it yet, I went to Savers today! We went to find a Wendla costume for me for a Spring Awakening trio I'm doing for our broadway choir concert and I came back with all this stuff and some costume jewelry and scarves. Oh scarves... I am absolutely obsessed with scarves. I need to get over them soon; at least before college or I'm gonna have a huge box full of my 76 scarves and cardigans!
But, on a new note; these boots! I've been wanting a pair of boots like this for quite a while. I've lurked in every vintage store, Salvation Army and Good Will and have had NO luck. But alas! Here they are; now in the safety of my closet. Hoorah!

I also stopped by Costco and was in desparate need of some new shampoo, so I'm trying Fredrick Fekai's hair color protecting shampoo. I'm quite excited; it's definitely something I'm excited to use.
I'll be posting a blog about trends at my school either tonight or sometime this week; gotta get some life on this blog!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Should really be doing my Algebra II homework right now... But I'm blogging instead!

Today, my friend Liz, said she had a "fashion-gasm" or something along those lines this morning and was browsing through collections. She mentioned that the Givenchy Spring Collection was strange, so I decided I had go check it out. So, I did and I think I love it. It's strange (as most collections are now), but I love the angles of the pieces. I love that they're sharp, yet the white is so soft; the imbalance gives the collection an odd sort of perfection. I can't quite explain it.
She also brought up Jean Paul Gaultier's Collection and said she adored it, so of course I looked at it as well. I know what she's talking about, as the pieces are more conventional and actually wearable compared to Givenchy. I think sharp angles are in for Spring. Or opposites. When people thing of Spring, they usually think of pastels, but these two designers took sharp designs with blunt color. I really like the differentiation between the season and the glow of the pieces.
I, of course, enjoyed Valentino's Collection, too. The pieces were all beautifully crafted and the tones were just so beautiful. Out of the Haute Couture Runway Collections, I think Valentino's is my favorite, although their differences are striking.
Needless to say, I was very impressed.

I'm going to make this blog interesting/readable soon.

I'm going to start tracking trends at my school; they're easy for me to pick up on quickly, so it shouldn't be too hard.
I also kind of want to make a mini-series of what to wear where and add in odd things or local things.
I don't know, but I want this to be unique.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

nail fun.

I painted all five of my finger nails different colors and put black shatter on them all.
I was doing it to see, but I decided to just keep it, as it didnt look too bad.
Nail 1: Rimmel Violet Metal
Nail 2: Sally Hansen xtreme wear Rockstar Pink
Nail 3: Orly It's Up To Blue
Nail 4: OPI Flashbulb Fuschia
Nail 5: Orly Space Cadet
Space Cadet was prolly my favorite, it was elegant/business glam.
Up to Blue was my second favorite, I liked the bright tone underneath the shatter.
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