Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My So-Called Life.

I've had quite a few adventures in the past couple of months. It's been interesting. I'm not gonna lie, but as lovely as it is, I'm so ready to get home. Part of me feels like going home is when I'm really going to start my life, because I'm setting things up for myself to work out how I actually want it to, not how others want things to work out.

A picture of me at the Met before we saw a trio of ballet pieces. I love my learning community here at Wagner because I get to go see shows all the time! (It sure beats crazy research papers.)

I'm feeling fall and woodsy-ish lately. I just really want it to be Thanksgiving already! Being an Arizona native, Fall-Winter doesn't start in my head until Thanksgiving.

Fire trucks outside our dorms for the, what, three fire evacuations we had in a period of two days? #ReasonsIHateWagner

Shot on the plane going home for a break. I just really loved the tone of the colors with the sliver of pink. When I landed, someone brought me flowers and I wish I had gotten a picture of those!

From Delicatessen, Chicken Paillard. It was absolutely delicious and so different than college food. (Thank God.) I really suggest Delicatessen, it's on Prince and around so many awesome little stores and it's a pretty fun area, especially to people watch. The place itself is adorable. It's like my pinterest boards and modernism mixed together. The website just gives you a taste of its lovliness. 

The only redeeming thing about Wagner is its photograph-ability.

Lime seltzer and my license plate at SoHo Park. The atmosphere is lovely. It literally looks like a park. It's so gorgeous. The food is great, too. I've been there twice and no regrets so far! The Shawndog is like Germany on a bun.

I'm going to try and revamp and get a schedule going for this blog... Maybe even adopt a new platform... Who knows? I think I'm going to play around with it for a while.