Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Items: 30 for 30 Challenge

30 for 30 Challenge

1. Oversized Mickey tee [H&M]
2. Red empire dress [Target]
2. Floral half dress [Target]

4. Teal ribbed tank [Target]
5. White babydoll tank [Forever21]
6. Paisley Camisole [Calvin Klein]
7. Purple racerback tank [Target]
8. Floral tank [American Eagle] 
9. Black and floral old school blouse [Torrid]
10. Black Pocket tee [Lush]
11. Purple basic tee [H&M]
12. Gray boatneck cut man's shirt [Hanes]
13. Black bell sleeve top [Target]

14. Plaid blouse [Ralph Lauren]
15. Green babydoll bouse [H&M]

16. Maroon 3/4 length sleeve cardigan [Holister]
17. Light gray longsleeve pocket cardigan [JC Penney]
18. Charcoal short sleeve long cardigan [H&M]

19. Vintage denim leggings hanging by their last thread [Mom]
20. Darkwash, folded over denim shorts [Calvin Klein]
21. Teal harem pants [H&M]
22. Gray harem pants [H&M]

23. Black and pink polka dot skirt [H&M]
24. Blue floral skirt [Charlotte Russe]
25. Black skirt [H&M]
26. Purple floral skirt [H&M]

27. Teal studded flats [H&M]
28. Gold flats [H&M]
29. Blue wedges [Zigi Soho- DSW]
30. Pink boots [Walmart]
^^ I know I probably won't wear these, but my friend just gave them to me and I love them so darn much I couldn't resist. 


  1. cute floral tank! i'm also doing the 30 for 30.good luck!:))

  2. I was reading where you said you felt like you were running out of clothes? You picked a TON of great stuff and have lots of options left.
    You are going to get out of your comfort zone and try something new ;)
    I know this challenge has pushed me to try things I normally wouldn't (a romper under shorts? I mean come ON! haha).
    Unless I missed it have you worn those jeans? or the shorts or the harem pants? Skirt 24 would look great with top 4. I love the idea of top 14 worn with your jean shorts! Roll up the sleeves, add a chunky necklace and you'd look amazing. (I don't know if any of those are items you have to exchange though).
    You have lots of stuff left silly girl ;)
    PS, sorry for the essay of a comment haha.


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