Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lost in a dream...

I don't know which way to goooooooooooo.
Obviously, choir has been taking over my life.
And theatre. 
At least it's fun!
I spent all day Saturday in Scottsdale, an awesome day ending with a concert by one of my favorite bands: This Century and delicious tamales from Sprouts! T'was great! I got a cardigan from J. Crew, free undies from Victoria's Secret, a free cupcake from sprinkles and the best tea I've had in my life from Teavana. It was definitely an epic day. Our fall break is coming up and I'm hoping I can make it out to California to visit my friend Chelsea. I miss her and Disneyland, so that trip kind of needs to happen! It'd be my first time flying alone, which I am geekily excited about. I just love flying and flying by myself seems quite peaceful. So, hopefully I can get things out of my mind and go! 
Now for my pictures of the week!

One of my good friends Diana and me at CGCC for a choir festival! We're pretty awesome (while my bangs are not).

Have I ever mentioned that I love taking pictures of busses?

Yeah, I still don't think that's a cemented idea, so I've gotta post another, of course.

I like the coloring too much to not post this.

I want to say that this was on Thursday? This is my "I'm lazy" top.

I felt like I was gardening.

I want a cape so badly. Does anyone know if they actually keep you warm?

It was my friend Alyssa's birthday this weekend, so happy birthday to her! :)

Saturday's outfit. The broken, rescued and still not fixed dress that I got for a penny.

My free Diamondbacks cupcake that was incredibly delicious.

A really bad picture of the dress I drew on an iPad at the Apple Store. I really liked it!

My friend Liz and I waiting to get pictures with This Century who performed an acoustic set at the Apple at the Biltmore in Scottsdale; they were great and we were obviously pumped!

Two of the band members and me... YAY!

I swear I will stop lurking on everyone's blogs this week and actually start posting on mine! 
Good luck for Monday!

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