Saturday, October 8, 2011


I wonder if there's a word like "ramble" but with pictures instead of talking...? Like, "shutterbugging"? 
We had a choir concert on Tuesday that was pretty lovely, especially when a girl's skirt fell off... That was just awesome. 
This week I've:
1. Gone to Ross three times
2. Bought 3 potential dresses for homecoming (that I might not even be attending)
3. Tried on at least 23 dresses for said event.
4. Found out I'm free this entire week.
5. Won like six medium fries from McDonald's Monopoly.
6. Started reading Pride and Prejudice
7. Read my friend's novel to find out I had the wrong copy.
8. Cleaned my living room (3 times)
9. Broke a pair of pants. (Don't ask.)
10. Sang my little heart out. A lot. So much that my current voice sounds sillier than a singing baboon.
11. Had my first pumpkin spice latte this year <3
Oh, and slept... But that was only at times in the past 24 hours that that was done.

So I found this dress at TJ Maxx and was INCREDIBLY surprised. You know what it is? D&G. For $100. I seriously love frocks like this, like how adorable is it?! 

Ate at the ever-so delicious Bucca Di Beppo on Wednesday. 
Try the cheesecake; seriously, it's delicious!

This is me being amused/annoyed. I just saw a girl with a one-side shorty short and other side pant pair of jeans an was going to take a picture but she sat down too quickly and I had to act like I was doing something else... Hence this picture!

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