Friday, December 9, 2011

Tulips thanks goodness it's Friday.

Do you understand just how happy I am that it's Friday? I've been caroling and had two concerts this week; things have been quite crazy! It's been a good week, but I'm glad it's over.
There's this Italian place right around the corner from my dad's house and I've always wanted to try it out; on Wednesday I finally did!
It may have been the best Italian I've ever had. Even versus Italy. I had a cannoli that was AMAZING. You have no idea how much I want one again. Permanent crave.
Another thing I'm craving?
A holiday dress.
I have a few Christmas Parties coming up soon and a masquerade in January; I need a couple new looks! It's really hard to work with one dress when you're seeing the same general group of people every time. But maybe I'll make it a challenge? Redressing the same LBD maybe? We'll see!
I'm learning how to arrange my time so I can fit in blogging, caroling, Hamlet, schoolwork, college apps... Everything. Into a day; it's working pretty well!
I should have some photos after this weekend. And I should probably get the pictures on my Canon uploaded soon; I'll be having a mini scrapbook field day!

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