Sunday, October 30, 2011

Living in Cardigans.

I don't think this is good.
Since school started in August, I have literally been living in a uniform of cardigans with skinnies and boots. It's gotten so bad that the bottoms of my favorite pair of boots are nearly torn off of the shoes. Oops. But since I've been wearing my sweaters like crazy, jewelry has been on my mind and I've gotten a ton of new stuff. So, at least I'll be able to mix things up a bit!

I can't believe Halloween is tomorrow. I think I've changed my mind like ten times on what I'm going to be; procrastinating+unsureness do not mix well!
Things I've considered being for Halloween...
1. Ladybug
2. Strawberry Shortcake
3. Pan Am Stewardess (If I could find something to work as a costume, this'd be it.)
4. A Hipster. (Then I realized that dressing like one meant wearing what I essentially wear everyday.)
5. A Skunk
6. A Bird
7. A gypsy
8. A Pirate
8. Snow White (Only because I have the costume)
9. The old guy in the Pixar cartoon playing Chess
10. A 40's girl

I have small parts of every costume, but nothing fully ideal. I'll probably make some Polyvore sets of ideas and decide what to wear right before I go out!

I just got done doing "Almost, Maine" at school; that's why I've been MIA. It was an amazing show. It was great to work with so many talented actors; I loved the experience I had. Hopefully, I'll get a video or some pictures up soon; it's an interesting show!

Well, I'll be posting soon (hopefully), so until then!

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