Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just a Moment

I'm ready for a break again! Summer feels like it was SO long ago! My  style has been making me look like a teacher; a student teacher came up to me and asked me if I wanted to walk with her to the meeting and I just started laughing and kind of... ran away. Well, there goes the teacher in me! 
But, here's my weekly picture & outfit update!

{Black Cardigan: Worthington}
{Green tank: Urban Outfitters}
{Multicolored Skirt: daisy fuentes; Kohl's}
{Black suede wedges: Target}

I found this dress at Target last week for $6! It looked weird because it was a size too big, but if it had fit, I so would have gotten it! I wish I had: I've been yearning for something orange lately.
{Clock and Lion blouse: Savers}
{Bell bottoms: DKNY}
{Maroon peep-toe wedges: Famous Footwear}

My friend Diana and I waiting for our Choir Retreat to start. Fun fun fun.

Awesome broccoli at Sprouts. Yay!

Having too much fun with Hipstamatic.

I also wanted to let you guys know I'm participating in Miss Vinyl Ahoy's The Paper Doll Project! It's where we get to dress a person we're paired up with... I'm really excited! Anybody else taking part?

Paper Doll Project

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