Sunday, September 11, 2011

Follow that trend!

I decided to start a randomly released post on this blog called "Follow that trend!" where I explain trends I've been seeing creep into our local fashion radar in the categories like shoes, bottoms, tops and accessories! I'll be showcasing different ways to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe too; I hope you enjoy! So, here goes nothing!

Follow that trend!

Trend #1-- Ponchos
I have seen these absolutely everywhere. From tribal prints to crotched to knits to polka dots: these ponchos are taking my town by storm.
What I love about them: They're breezy, easy to throw on and a plain poncho can go from day to night and be styled bohemian, modern, rocker, chic... Whatever you want! It's definitely a staple in my closet.
Trend #2-- Florals
This is a duh. Florals are really easy to throw into any outfit; it can be in form of an accessory, a dress, a pair of shorts; anything! Now that it's nearly fall, florals are disappearing, but I couldn't ignoring their long-lived presence!
Trend #3-- Combat Boots
This is a trend I need to get back on. It was my trend last year (the one everyone said would never be popular) and now that mine don't fit, they're back! I love their versatility. As you saw, I had the ability to style one pair three different ways and each look gives off a different vibe. Another plus is that they're so comfortable! I mean who could resist comfort and style in one shoe? Not me!

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