Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm home before 5 o'clock... This is different.

I'm feeling quite strange right now, as it's 4:46 PM and I'm home. Usually, as you may have noticed through my complaints of a busy schedule, I'm at school for hours on end, usually until 5:30 at the earliest. But today, I was graced with a break. Most of this week is like that, surprisingly. So, I'm taking the time to write some actually quality blog posts! (All together now... Yay! No more crap filling up my feed!)

So I was catching up on blogs today and found this tutorial on how to make collars on Love Maegan's blog. I really wanna try it out! I've seriously been seeing attachable collars everywhere, so maybe I'll make one. It'd be a cheap, DIY way to jump on the trend and I always appreciate a good DIY!

I composed a set with stuff I'm yearning for for fall... I seriously need that stuff! Definitely looking for a peacoat, boots and my class ring... Should probably get on that!

And the second set is what I'm looking at (essentially) for Homecoming this year! It's in a month, so I definitely have some time, but I really want a black dress and something with Cheetah print!

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