Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking a break from American History!

I decided to take a 20 minute break from getting my class done! It's consisting of:

1. Drinking some really good coffee in a Mary Poppins mug.
2. Looking at modcloth dresses and pretending that they're mine.
3. Crying because they're not.
4. Being obsessive-compulsive and making lists.
5. Mourning for summer, like urban outfitters.
6. Contemplating watching a movie, even though I know it's not a good idea.
7. Wishing I could be at a beach.
8. Wishing I had more time to blog today!

Yep. That's the fun stuff I'm thinkin' bout'.

Last Week In Review:

{Outfit for my friend's birthday! See how lovely my room looks?} 
{My favorite, well, only, cuff!}
{Kool Aid! There's this chicken and waffles place named Lo Lo's that has the BEST Kool Aid ever!  We went there for my friend's 18th birthday on Saturday and had a lot of fun!}
{Just a picture I took of some of my earrings on my jewelry branch display that I got from World Market a couple months ago!}
{I was going on a photographer spree and decided to take a picture of some of my fashion and  interior design books. The blue one is from the 40's and is so glamorous and fun to look at!}
{Scottsdale is full of silly things, including horse-carriage parking!}
{Picture of some jewelry I have and wore to my friends birthday night. I'm trying to start the trend of two different earrings back up again; I just love the look!}
{Margarita from a tacos and tequila bar in Scottsdale. The place was so adorable! It looked like a club, but more metropolitan than you usually see in Scottsdale! There were horseshoe booths around little tables, a cute little bar, metal-work everywhere and a steel turning staircase that goes upstairs to a few couches and pool tables! They also had these little lights hanging everywhere that gave the place such a cool look!}
{My favorite Southwestern piece}

Belated Disney Pictures
{Pin-traders delight from the Disney Soda Fountain in Hollywood! Dang was that delicious.}
{My friend and I being obnoxious in front of the castle!}
{The most delicious creme brulee EVER. From the Blue Bayou! We had a table right next to the water so we got to watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean boats ride by!}

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