Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I gotta new pair of shoes today! They're absolutely GORGEOUS!! You know what I love?
That Nordstrom's Dolce Vita line, Baker's and Target all carry essentially the same shoe. I mean, really, could you tell me the difference? I got a pair in black from Target and I ADORE them! They're quite comfortable and at the 30% off price on 14 dollars, I couldn't go wrong! I wish they had them in brown though, would've loved that! I guess I'll be searching everywhere for em'! They're sold out of the black online, though, so I'm glad I got them!

I also got some un-important things for school, although, they're quite cute. I'll probably end up posting a picture of the stuff I got tomorrow! I got a few witty notebooks, a couple of pens, some highlighters, a pencil bag and a smaller notebook for me to take general notes in. 
We also stopped at the craft store where I was on the eternal lookout for a lightbox. I finally found one! But I didn't have a coupon with me for it, so I couldn't get it! But I did get some tracing paper, a couple sketch books (on sale) and grab bags of water color pencils and general sketching pencils for super-cheap, even though they're lovely! And by buying those things I got a 40% off coupon that starts the 7th that I can use! So the lightbox will be mine!! I'm so excited.

I have to go into the school tomorrow to work on stuff for our theatre club which I'm a co-president of! Woohoo. Fun stuff. I hope it goes well! Maybe I'll try out the new wedges then! Or I'll wait to premiere them at the next party I attend! Well, time will tell!

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