Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yes, I'm alive!

Hey guys! Golly! It's been a terribly long week! I can't say it wasn't fun, but it sure was hectic. From going to the movies 3 times to getting 20 pound text books to taking random pictures of things I encounter... It's definitely been interesting!
So! I now present...

My Week in Pictures
...And little snippets of stories in between...
Out of order.
That's awkward.

{Our oh so lovely literature book that we get! This baby is bigger than a Harry Potter book AND the print is smaller! ... Feel free to kill me now!}

{IHOP syrup that I wanted to eat, I was so hungry! I had pancakes for the first time in months on Friday after I saw Glee! 3D! which was actually pretty spiffy. My friends and I were being quite obnoxious and got told to be quiet a few times but at least we were singing on pitch!}

{Awesome veggie sushi from this cute little place called Sushi Kee! It was pretty darn tasty AND there's a hidden mickey in it; it was so meant for me!}

{New makeup!!! I got a cream color that's great as highlighter, blush and lip tint! I got a lipstick that's this pretty, natural peach color called "Hush" that has excellent wear and a light powder!}

{Had this on Saturday! A large cup of fries is way too much for two people, even when one eats a lot, you know that? But this place is too darn good!}

{Need. To. See. This. Movie. The book was amazing. I cried myself to sleep on the plane going home from Europe. But I don't get to see it for another two weeks though, because I'll be in California next weekend for the D23 Expo! Anybody else going?}

{MAC Makeover! Whoooo! Senior pictures here I come.}

{We saw The Smurfs today, which was a pretty cute movie! Or should I say "smurftastic"? I will openly admit that I squealed when Tim Gunn came into a scene. He said a line that he always says in Project Runway and a girl a few rows in front of me and I were the only two laughing and we both laughed for a good two minutes at the least. She is SO gonna be my new best friend. That was priceless.}

Outfits from the week that reminded me to actually take pictures of them!

{Cardigan in black from Target}
{Paisley top from Lucky Brand Jeans}
{Green vintage maxi skirt with pockets from my costume chest}
{pleather belt from Walmart}
{Cuff from who knows where}
{Sandals from Clarks}
{Backpack from Urban Outfitters}
{Smile courtesy of being able to wake up at 6:45 instead of 5:15}

Oh, hey first day of school! This is called Dani is a lazy hippie bohemian lovechild who doesn't even wear nice clothes the first day of school. Definition of Dani: Lazy loser. What's up ya'll?


{Top in black from mom}
{Colorful printed skirt from mom's closet}
{Turqouise necklace from mom's jewelry box}
{Pearls ditto}
{Feather extension from Forever 21}
{Brown pleather belt from Walmart}
{Black strappy wedges from Target}

Can I explain how much I adore this look? I'm usually not one for bright colors, but this skirt is pretty awesome. I rocked it last night and was like BAM! Catwalk pro girl.
Well, that's how I saw it, anyways.


My "little sister" Alyssa and I at the movies today. I really do love this girl. She's been the best friend to me since my first day of fourth grade when I got on that bus and was the quiet girl... now look at me! The four year age difference won't ever keep us apart, we're essentially sisters and now she's back in Arizona for good, as good as good can be, and that's just making my year.
Love ya little sis!

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