Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pictures of the Week!

This made me giggle! I've never seen my name on a package of food; insanity!

Er. Silly... Silly girls...

Just goin' to Scottsdale!

Went to a fashion show at Scottsdale Fashion Square! This is a back to school look by Betsey Johnson.

Another Betsey Johnson look!

Sliders from Modern Burger that were pretty great!

Just chillin' at Starbucks makin' friends jealous with Green Tea Lemonade yumminess!

Snazzy vintage blouse and my lovely pink skirt.

My friend mixing three prints! The top is striped and the skirt has two patterns; crazy sauce!

Picture from Disneyland that makes me giggle. Bad score though... 

The best chicken gumbo crepes from Disneyland! <3

My mom's vegetable dish from Disneyland! It looked amazing and tasted pretty good too!

Love this edit of the canopies. 

Mint julep; the most delicious thing ever.

Me and my snazzy Disneyland hat.


I look so happy. Eh. Yay before school jtters.

This top reminds me of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin!

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