Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Webcam funnies.

I obviously had way too much fun with my webcam today.

I should be out right now running some errands like dropping of my registration for school that was "due" a week ago (Oops). But "due" here really means just get it in before school starts, so I guess I'm okay, is it like that other places too? Or are we all just super-lazy bums because it's 120 out?
My mum also has some secret errands to run. She won't tell me what they are, yet I'm going. Oh yay. Maybe we're going sock shopping?!?! Oh yay! Big fun! Hah. Not. But we're almost off! No pictures of my outfit today, yet, but I'm wearing...

{white tee from Target}
{gold and turquoise chain necklace} 
{light wash jeans from LC for Kohl's}
{Coral heart ring}
{One big orange button earring; vintage}
{One blue and white feather earring from Charlotte Russe}
{Hair: Wavy}
{Makeup: Purple-ish pink and coffee glitter smokey eye courtesy of Bare Essentials' amazing eyeshadows "drama" and some pinkish-purple color I forget the name of! OH! And my wonderful Smashbox gel eyeliner that I got in the duty free store on the ferry from London to Paris a couple weeks ago because I ran out of eyeliner!}

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