Saturday, August 27, 2011


If anyone feels like getting a little steam out, anyone wanna just come by and shoot me in the head? T'would be much apprecated.

Being under an extreme load of pressure with no time to blog is extremely irksome and I apologize that there hasn't been any posts since before I left for Disneyland! I think I'll do a few lists in this post and I'm going to try and post more often, setting aside half a hour or so a day; let's see what happens!

Beauty Faves

1. Verbana Soap- Cost Plus World Market
2. Sheer pink/coral lipstick- MAC Cosmetics
3. Ralph Perfume- Ralph Lauren
4. Gel eyeliner- Smashbox
5. Creme Brulee body wash- Philosophy

Fashion Wants and Wishes

1. Pair of cigarette pants
2. bright, solid colored pleated maxi skirt
3. glitter/sequin sweater top
4. Doc Marten boots
5. Oxfords
7. Lace up oxford pumps

I reall want to dye my hair brown. Like, Leighton Meester brown. I've been a red-head for the last few years and I think I may wanna try something a little more classic. I may even go with a bang again, who knows?

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