Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Clutch

{Via: Kate Spade New York}

I have been wanting a book clutch for quite some time and my lust has only grown in the last two weeks after seeing a girl on the streets in Paris walking around in her sheer polka dot dress, heels and an antique-looking book clutch. She looked like a semi-modernist version of someone out of Pride and Prejudice.

Oh, I guess I should mention I'm back, no? ;)

Europe was brilliant. I'll just start off mentioning the impeccable grace and style people embraced there. Some of the looks I was seeing were girls dressed like they had just stepped off the runway. There weren't just young girls though, older women were dressed just as beautifully and had an air about them that they knew it. Now, some people might call that obnoxious, but I was spellbound.
I will be honest, though, I missed blogging and reading other blogs so so mucb. I just missed being able to be linked to fashion, myself. I mean, I was wearing khakis for 17 days, I have a right to be going crazy! Those girls were making me want to jump off the bus, "lose" my passport and stay there forever. Unfortunately, the speed of our coach and my lack of coordination stopped me from taking on my plan. 
So what's up next for me? Well, I have about a month or so left of summer and I plan to take full advantage of that. In that time I have to do a year of American History and half a year of Spanish, but it shouldn't be too hard. I'd really like to go to California for a week or so, too. Go to Disneyland for a couple days, go to the beach for an afternoon, go to Melrose and check out some vintage boutiques and maybe even check out a couple of colleges (even if it just means walking some of the campus).
The trip I just took changed my life, I will be honest about that. A lot is going to change for me in the next year. I'm a senior in high school and I have some big decisions to make that will affect the rest of my life. Up until now, I was pretty sure about what I was going to do, but now? I feel like everything's changing. Scary, huh?
I really don't care, scary or not, I'm taking it on.


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