Saturday, July 30, 2011

Clothing Haul

Recent Haul!

I haven't been posting my clothes lately, so here goes nothing! This is a mixed haul from the last few weeks.

{ 1 : A black knit cardigan from Kohls, not exact }
{ 2 : A teal ruffle top from Kohls, not exact }
{ 3 : A floral romper from American Vintage in LA, exact}
{ 4 : A nautical Ariel tank from Goodwill, exact }
{ 5 : A floral cardigan from Kohls, Simply Vera, exact }
{ 6 : An awesome vintage dress from Goodwill, exact }
{ 7 : A black blousy button top from a boutique in LA, exact }
{ 8 : (Not Pictured) A denim button up shirt from Goodwill }

I still need a few basics before I go back to school, but I'm close!

Things I Still Need:
Black Skinnies
New wedges
Cream/Navy Blazer
Pendant necklaces
Denim skinnies

That's it, fashion-wise! I have a lot material wise that I still need, like a new planner, a journal and a new pen, but I have about twelve days before school starts and I'm less than half a mile away from a Staples, so no worries!

I'm excited to show my fashion sense next year. I honestly couldn't care less about what other girls think. I'll do as I please.

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