Friday, July 29, 2011

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 Can I tell you how much I love this hat? My mom came home with it one day and I absolutely fell in love. I kind of feel like I look like an acorn, but maybe a cute acorn? Who knows. Today I went to a thrift store and rifled through a bit of jewelry, then got some Chinese food that was absolutely delish. I'd say it was a pretty good day. Short post cause' I think I'm gonna hit the hay a little early tonight; 
I have a party to go to tomorrow and I have no idea what's in store! It's my friend's 18th birthday, so a few of my other friends are throwing a party for him. I was told to bring classy clothes, trashy clothes that are mostly black, a swimsuit and money... I'm slightly concerned for my welfare.

{Mustard Cardigan- Target}
{Basic black tee- French Connection}
{Light-wash jean shorts- Gap}
{Acorn hat- Vintage shop}

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