Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Night of Un-Classiness, Trash and Fun!

My friend had her 18th birthday party last night (Holy geez! Everyone is growing up so quickly!) and it was an "Un-Classy, Trashy" Eighteenth Birthday party, which gave us all the perfect excuse to dress up! So, we donned our trashiest duds and got our party on! It consisted of loud music, cake and a contest to see who was the un-classiest. It was lovely. Now, I got some lovely pictures of my outfit, but the trashiness didn't exactly show, the shirt I had on was open back with strings going acrost it and it showed my bright yellow, lace racerback bra. It was the epitomy of classiness, I tell you.
Oh! And some of you might ask about my abnormal bag? This thing is my pride and joy. It's an Andy Warhol banana bag and is a piece of art in itrself. I always get so many compliments on it because it's so unique! I love strange things, so this bag is the epitome of me. Ansd my hair made me happy too, it's a really awesome shade for me right now! Whoo!

{ String Back Top: Lush, Divaz Boutique}
{Dress Shorts: H&M}
{Rouge Fake Snakeskin Peep Toe Wedges: DSW}
{Feather Earrings: Calvin Klein}
{Chain&Silk Bracelet: Charlotte Russe}
{Banana Bag: Andy Warhol, Elaine Todd}

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