Monday, June 20, 2011


In case you haven't read my last few posts, I thought I'd let you know that I'm leaving for Europe! Tomorrow, actually! I'm going to London, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria... It's going to be quite the trip! I'm not going to be the most fashion-conscious person, as I'm limited in what I can wear; we have dumb rules!
- No shorts
- No tank tops
- Close toed shoes only
- No tight pants (Ie: Jeggings, Leggings, Skinny jeans)
- Advisory of not wearing jeans
- No yoga pants (not even on the plane)
- no t-shirts

Now, if that's not ridiculous, I don't know what is.

But, nevertheless, I'm quite excited.
Flight leaves early tomorrow morning so gotta get some sleep!
I hope to hear from you guys when I get back and I hope to see awesome posts on your blogs when I return, too!
There's a 50% possibility that I'll have wifi at some point, so I may check in, but, for now...

Au revoir!
Auf wiedersehen!


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