Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Sunday in the Park (Well, not really, but doesn't that sound a lot nicer than running around like a maniac?)

This outfit is from Sunday, so I'm a couple days late posting it, but yeah! I went to church with my dad, then we got some breakfast where I had a delicious garden omlette. It was full of mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, cheese... It was tasty to say the least! First time I've had breakfast food in a while, because our European breakfasts usually consisted of some bread and jam with juice and coffee available. It was good to have home cooking again!
After that, we headed over to Best Buy to check out some computers. I have my macbook, but because of a school program that only runs on windows (and my lack of time and focus to install Bootcamp on my mac), I was on the market for a cheap PC! So, just looking turned into buying and here I am on my new HP! It's a Pavilion g4 and a pretty nice computer! 14", pearlized look, SD card slot (YES!). I'm a happy camper.
Yesterday. I was having quite a bit of fun; that's why I couldn't post an update! I had a drama officer meeting for our Theatre Club at school that lasted about 2 hours and was chock-full of great fundraising ideas and organization tips. After that, we started heading out to Scottsdale, but got a bit delayed because of an oil change that was needed and picking people up, so an originally 30 minute drive turned into 2 and a half hours! But, once we got there, we had a lot of fun! We stopped at Sprinkles and I grabbed a red velvet cupcake, a.k.a. the best flavor ever! Then, we skipped around in American Apparel where I was harrased by my friends about how I could like a store that sold glittery, pearlized, zip up body suits! Unfortunately, we were out of there pretty quickly and headed over to the mall where we spent a good hour and a half in H&M, but no complaints here! I came out with a pair of tan tailored shorts for $10, a white blouse, a royal blue tank and a wire denim headband. There was a cream, Chanel reminicent, blazer I wanted but I figured that wasn't the smartest thing to spend my money on in the summer! I also got a couple things from Forever21 while I was there including a clip in feather extension, a pair of robot earrings, some floral bow clips and a ballerina necklace. I got some cute stuff; I was very happy!
It was just a good day in general!

{Short sleeved cardigan: H&M Garden Collection}
{Striped dresss: Boutique in Rothenburg}
{Leather Belt: Walmart}
{Lace shorts: Forever21}
{Messy closet: Dani rushing to pack for her Dad's house!}

Oh! And I'm going to the Harry Potter midnight premiere on Thursday and I can't wait to get my costume together for that! I'm being a Hufflepuff!

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