Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet my new suitcase!

Source: amazon.com via Dani on Pinterest

I was feeling skeptical about this suitcase the moment I saw it. It looked SO small! Then, I reminded myself about those stupid pockets on those soft-sided, 15-pound suitcases that are sitting in the depths of our practically "leading to Narnia" closet and immediately put it out of my mind. The suitcase was priced at our local Samsonite Company Store at $90. Yet, I found the original price to be a bit over $300! EEK! I figured there had to be something wrong with it.
But then I looked at it some more and I was ever-so attracted to the vintage-y but modern look to it. It was fashionable. It looked like one of those suitcases that the jetting new hollywood starlette would be rolling through the airport with her huge sunglasses, trying to hide from the press. It just gave me the feeling of hollywood glam.
So I convinced my dad that this was the one.
I got home and decided to pack my month worth of clothes for my dad's house in it and to see how it fits.
Thirty garments later?
I still had room for the kitchen sink.

So now I'm really excited to use this suitcase for my trip to Europe!

7 days!

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