Monday, May 30, 2011

What's in a trend? By any other name would be as ironic...

{Via: Sunsas}
I started wearing a few of this summer's trends up to a couple of years ago.
I worshiped the sun hat for the past two years, I've been wearing feather earrings for the past 6 months and I've been the weird girl who wears scarves for the last God knows how long...
The funny thing is that I've been laughed at for wearing all of these. And now who else is wearing them? Those people who laughed.
It's amazing how a trend becomes a "trend". What is a trend anyways? I feel it's when something becomes so mainstream that it's awkward and annoying by the time you get to it. Like TOMS, I remember when they were first introduced and I thought they were really cute, but thought they were a scam. Now, everyone I know either covets a pair or has one. Sunhats were for dorky white girls, now they're a classy fashion statement. Scarves worn on your head were once dorky and weird, a 70's staple, and now they're taking up pages in Vogue. You could tell everyone that paper hats were "in" and two minutes later, they'd be worn by every follower from New York to Utah to California. Feather extensions. Color extensions. Florals. Indian prints. Vintage. Whatever it is, the "trend" seems to develop crazily, no matter how weird it is. 
And lately, I keep pulling out the trends before they're trends, so I get the short end of the stuck and get looked at weirdly for wearing something that the onlookers will be wearing no doubt in just a few months.

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