Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea, anyone?

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I've been wanting to have a tea party lately. Badly. I don't know why, but it's just so appealing to me. The bright colors, pretty dresses, twinkly lights, pretty plates, tea, teacups, books, British accents... Sorry, I just got carried away there. 

Elements of a Tea Party

Awesome Dining Ware
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Okay, you gotta have cute dishes if you're gonna have a tea party! I love the idea of mismatched china and just generally cute dining ware. One thing you should keep constant, though, is the shape of the dishes  and the color and make of your utensils. If you keep the tea cups, plates and napkins all different and keep the table cloth neutral and the utensils neutral and it makes it insanely pretty.

Other Pretty/Girly Design Elements

Okay, I adore this set up. I really, really, really, really adore this. A great addition to a tea party is flowers. Depending on the season, they can be anything from roses to carnations to daisies to tulips; it depends on the occasion, too. Another thing to thing about is the time of day. I'm having one at night and I'm going to hang up cute tea lights outside and put a few circle-shaped tables up with some cute tablecloths. We'll set up some floor pillows in a corner with a couple throws. And then I'm going to ruin the beautiful air of it all and we'll go inside and watch a movie. 
I'm actually really excited. :)

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings about tea parties. <3

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