Sunday, February 6, 2011

Should really be doing my Algebra II homework right now... But I'm blogging instead!

Today, my friend Liz, said she had a "fashion-gasm" or something along those lines this morning and was browsing through collections. She mentioned that the Givenchy Spring Collection was strange, so I decided I had go check it out. So, I did and I think I love it. It's strange (as most collections are now), but I love the angles of the pieces. I love that they're sharp, yet the white is so soft; the imbalance gives the collection an odd sort of perfection. I can't quite explain it.
She also brought up Jean Paul Gaultier's Collection and said she adored it, so of course I looked at it as well. I know what she's talking about, as the pieces are more conventional and actually wearable compared to Givenchy. I think sharp angles are in for Spring. Or opposites. When people thing of Spring, they usually think of pastels, but these two designers took sharp designs with blunt color. I really like the differentiation between the season and the glow of the pieces.
I, of course, enjoyed Valentino's Collection, too. The pieces were all beautifully crafted and the tones were just so beautiful. Out of the Haute Couture Runway Collections, I think Valentino's is my favorite, although their differences are striking.
Needless to say, I was very impressed.

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