Monday, February 7, 2011

{cardigan from Savers}

{Sweater mom got from Savers}

{Interesting blouse from Savers}

{Detail on the blouse}

{Black/Navy-- can't tell -- cardigan from Savers}

{Red swing sweater from Savers}

{Cute detailing on the sweater}

{Vintage boots from Savers}

Well, in case you didn't gather it yet, I went to Savers today! We went to find a Wendla costume for me for a Spring Awakening trio I'm doing for our broadway choir concert and I came back with all this stuff and some costume jewelry and scarves. Oh scarves... I am absolutely obsessed with scarves. I need to get over them soon; at least before college or I'm gonna have a huge box full of my 76 scarves and cardigans!
But, on a new note; these boots! I've been wanting a pair of boots like this for quite a while. I've lurked in every vintage store, Salvation Army and Good Will and have had NO luck. But alas! Here they are; now in the safety of my closet. Hoorah!

I also stopped by Costco and was in desparate need of some new shampoo, so I'm trying Fredrick Fekai's hair color protecting shampoo. I'm quite excited; it's definitely something I'm excited to use.
I'll be posting a blog about trends at my school either tonight or sometime this week; gotta get some life on this blog!

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