Sunday, January 23, 2011

Survey Part I.

-.N a m e s.- Your Name:: Danielle (Dani)
Your Middle Name:: Rose. Catholic Saint Name: Felicity
Your Dream Name:: I actually quite like my name, but if I could change it, I'd say Lauren, because that's what my mum actually wanted my name to be.
Your favorite girl's name:: Aria and Arelia.
Your favorite boy's name:: Luke and Sawyer.
Why your name is what it is:: My dad's middle name is Daniel and my Dad's mum's name was Rose.
What your name means:: God is my judge.
What's most important in a name?:: Meaning. Like, a backstory.
Friend with the best name:: Caerensa or Elasia.
Parent's name:: Jeanie and Richard.
Sibling's (if any) name: Richard, Mark, Andy, Phillip and Karen.
-.Y o u r.- Age: 16.
Birthday: December 25th.
Color:: Coral and Teal.
Stereotype:: Choir kid. Mormon (even though I'm not.)
Personality:: Confident, friendly, loving, musical, outgoing.
Body Type:: Average.
Height:: 5' 5'' 
Hair color:: Naturally, dirty blonde. Currently, red.
Eye color:: Blue
First language:: English.
Birth country:: USA.
Current living situation:: Mostly at home with my mum. Occasionally over to my dad's.
Obsession(s):: fashion, music, acting, dance, photography, travel, sketching, gossip girl, disney.
Star Sign:: Capricorn.
Hobbies:: Music, singing, dance, theatre, photography, fashion, sketching.
Dream job:: Musical Theatre Performer.
Current job:: none.
Best memory:: Many.
-.F a v o r i t e s.-
Flower:: Carnations.
Mythical Creature:: Sprites.
Book:: The Princess Diaries
Movie:: The Notebook, Princess and the Frog, Center Stage.
City:: New York.
Sport:: Dance.
Article of clothing you own:: Chetta B painted flower dress.
Food:: Carbs.
Holiday:: Thanksgiving.
Month:: April.
Season:: Winter.
Class in school:: Choir.
Teacher:: Choir Teacher/Dance Teacher.
Shoes you own:: grey booties.
Thing about yourself:: The talents I am blessed with.
Form of art:: fashion, music.
Musical/Play:: Chorus Line and Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Point in life:: Summer between 9th and 10th grade when I lived in a hotel.
Store:: Urban Outfitters/Disney Couture.
Building:: Disney World Castle.
-.M o v i e s.- Favorite movie genre:: Romantic Comedy
Worst movie:: Can't even think of one right now.
Favorite classic:: Sixteen Candles.
Favorite movie as a child:: Disney movies. ANY Disney movie.
Best animated movie:: Princess and the Frog.
Movie with the best ending:: The Ugly Truth.
Best Disney movie:: Aladdin.
Most predictable movie:: All romantic-comedies and Teen flicks.
Strangest movie:: Can't think.
Best actor:: Gerard Butler/Ed Westwick.
Best actress:: Anne Hathaway.
Actor with the most diverse set of characters:: Anne Hathaway.
Actor that plays the most convincing villain:: No idea.
Best movie soundtrack:: Any musical.
Funniest movie:: The Ugly Truth.
Best documentary:: The September Issue.
Movie with the most creative credits:: Despicable Me. Just cute. 
Favorite station:: ABC Family, TLC and Food Network.
Favorite show:: Gossip Girl.
Best commercial that's on now:: None.  
Best commercial from the past:: Disney Parks.
Best reality show:: SYTYCD (does that count?) If not, ANTM.
Show you wish would come back:: The Nanny.
Best person on TV:: Leighton Meester.
Worst person on TV:: Miley Cyrus. Blah.
Worst station:: MTV.
Show you'd spend all Saturday watching reruns of:: Gossip Girl, The Nanny.
Best show as a child:: Lizzie McGuire.
TV character you relate most with:: Blair from Gossip Girl.
Show you learn the most from:: Gossip Girl (That sounds bad, I do realize.)
Best TV actor:: Ed Westwick, Penn Badgely.
Best TV actress:: Leighton Meester. 
Age of your TV:: The one I'm watching now, about 2 years old. 
How many channels you get:: 99 on this one and a crap load on the one in the main room.
Best time to watch TV:: Primetime or later.
-.M u s i c.-
Best genre:: Alternative and musicals 
Favorite band:: Regina Spektor, Priscilla Ahn, Corrine Bailey Rae, Sara Baraellies. 
Best radio station:: 97.5 or 96.9.
Genre you secretly like:: 80's rock.
Best music to dance to:: Gaga.
Song that never gets old:: Love the Way You Lie. 
Song that makes you want to go deaf:: Miley Cyrus.
Favorite song without words:: Any classical pieces.
Favorite lyrics:: Wallflower by Priscilla Ahn. 
Best quality about music:: Soothing qualities.
Worst song:: I Got a Feeling.
Song that touches you the most:: Wallflower, Dream, Lucky, She Dances.
Saddest song:: She Dances.
Funniest song:: Fashionista.
Strangest song:: Alice's Restaurant. 
Song that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand:: None, yet.
Best instrument:: Piano.
Most annoying instruments:: Annoying people with cymbals.

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