Sunday, January 2, 2011

I have school tomorrow.

Using my backpack is going to be awkward. I wish it were cuter. And not so HUGE. I have 2 binders, 2 notebooks, an Italian aria book, my pencil pack, makeup, my lunch and my wallet... all on my back. Eek. I'm not a light packer... when it comes to anything. Speaking of packing, which reminds me of trips, I get to go to New York with my dad and Disneyland in March :D then Europe in June!! Eep! I'm SO excited. You have no idea.
It's 12:25 and I have school at 7:30 tomorrow. That's just great, huh? Well, I'm excited for quite a few things...
-starting ballroom again
-vocal roar!!!! (Show choir)
-seeing my friends
-seeing my boyfriend(:
-the gym
-losing weight and gettin' healthy!

Quite excited.
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