Monday, September 17, 2012


I thought I would share how I've decorated my room! If there's anything I love at my school; it's my dorm. It's a true reflection of who I am! So, here's a peek into my dorm room!

Overview of my room in general before I really did anything to it...

Above my desk before I attacked it!

All the Broadway programs I've found in the city. :)

Back of my desk with some inspiration. I played around with it a bit last night!

My dinosaur lamp, teapot with flowers in it and jewelry box.

Above my desk after I'd be playing around with it.

Above my bed that I LOVE. That's what she said.

Covered a tissue box because I was bored out of my mind...

My lightbulb string lights underneath my bed.

View out my window of beautiful NYC.

I'll probably change it up more soon... But we'll see!

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