Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why we don't get recess in High School

For those of you not currently in school, I'll bet you fondly remember those days that a "motivational" speaker would come and talk at you for an hour about life and how it's important to go for your goals; stuff a high school students just lets in one ear and out the other. But today, a worthwhile speaker came and talked to us and some of the stuff actually stuck.
He talked about normal topics, but put a twist on them; he made things interactive and exciting, so much that even the kids who never pay attention actually were. It was phenomenal. The thing that stuck with me the most, though, was when he explained why we don't still get recess. How, as a five year old, you'd always run just to get the good red ball to play kick ball with, how all the younger kids are so energetic and willing to engage. He did, however, note that when you get to about 5th grade, people start calling those things childish and recess turns into stand around, stare at the pavement and talk (aka: free period). So, taking away recess wasn't a ploy against our imagination, like some claim it is, it was merely because we don't have enough willpower or ambition to use it for what it's given for. 
That whole discussion just really stuck with me. We're constantly given things and are too lazy to push it to our full potential. Even my current situation shows this. It's midnight on a school night and despite the three -hour nap that I divulged in earlier, I'm still tired, and what am I doing? Blogging. I'll probably get to bed in an hour or two, even though because of it, I know that I'll suffer tomorrow. I've had an assignment for the past few weeks to be reading Jane Eyre. Our project is due this Thursday and have I even started the book? No. 
I know this blog isn't coined as a life lesson blog, but even though it's a fashion blog, I play on including stuff like this quite a lot. It just makes you think and sometimes, even when you're reading blogs for fun, it's good to think.

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